Sewer Drain needs repair.
Experience drain back up? The sewer line might be broken:
there are few emergency steps to prevent further damage of the sewer line and your property than you have to call specialist urgent.
In this topic we would like to discuss what is happening after main drain line is broken. And further preventative measures.
Let's see what are the signs of the sewer having v issue:

- Sewer Waters are Backing Up
if you experience water backing up through drain floor in the basement most likely you have serious sewerline issue, either brakage of the maindrain or heave blokage of the line.

- Slow drainage
Here we are not talking about only one fixture has a clog, but if all the drains looks suspicious and drain slow, that might be a sign of broken main sewer line.

- Odd Sounds
If you could hear odd sounds when you flush your toilet, gargling sounds, like air is trapped in the pipe. Than it might be also a sign. There should not be any air in the sewerline.

- Sewer odour
If you noticed sewer smell from the drain openenings, especially those ones which are located in the basement. (Lower level or basement is the most common area for indicating problem since main drain line runs under living premises under concrete floor and connected to the city sewermain outside.)
City of Toronto provide Toronto Water Investigation if all pipes in your house are clogged, you could request service online or call 311 to find out if the problem on private property or city side. Please visit to learn more about that service. One of the requirement is you have to have a clean out outside for your main drainline, please call us if you have any further questions or how to install clean out for your property.

If you have further questions please call our office for further assistance:

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