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Installation of backwater valve in Toronto

Backwater check valve installed in the house in Toronto.
Backwater Valve Installation Benefits

Water, water everywhere! That's one of the catastrophic events that can hit your home. Its several times worse when the water is not relatively clean water but dirty, germ-infested water from the sewers. An emergency plumber will be the only solution. However, with a backwater valve installation, you can protect your home, furniture, carpeting, and yourself from a lot of work and costly messes.

Benefits of backwater valve installation during rainstorms

Heavy rains can increase the chances of sewers flooding. A backwater valve is a device that is fitted under the basement or on the sewer itself. The valve has a special disc that prevents the sewer pipes from bursting open and letting wastewater from the sewer system enter your home's drainage system and flood your home. So, even if water levels rise, sewer water does not escape from the sewer pipes.

Cost saving benefits of a backwater valve installation

While the installation of a backwater valve can be expensive, think of the amount of money that you will save on calling on an emergency plumber. Also, there will be expensive clean-up jobs once your floors, carpets, furniture, and flooring are damaged. The cost of repairs and replacements is far more than the cost of a backwater valve. Like they say, preventive measures are always better than the cure.

Low-lying areas and the benefit of a backwater valve installation

Those who live near lakes and in other low-lying areas are especially prone to flooding. Flash floods can also wreak havoc especially on those residences that are in low lying areas. Flooding of the area can overwhelm the city's municipal sewer system, causing sewer water to flow in the opposite direction than it is intended to. This causes sewer water to enter your drains and your home. As mentioned earlier, a backwater valve has an additional flap that prevents the backflow of sewage water and makes sure sewage water stays in the sewage.

Backwater valves are easily accessible

Backwater valves are almost always placed indoors for easy accessibility in the case of storms or flooding. This means you don't have to get out of your home to access it in case of an emergency.

There are several types of backwater valves available in the market. A reliable plumber can not only help you differentiate between the different backwater valves available but also do a full drain replacement (if need be) to accommodate a backwater valve.