Sewer Drain Backup

Sewer Drain Back up Reasons & Hazards
Sewer back up usually occurs when the sewer drain line is getting clogged, and waste flow could not run freely to the city sewer line. One of the top reasons for the blockage in the drain to occur is improper use of the drain lines: grease, food leftovers, wipes, hygiene products, foreign subjects, and trash.

The accumulation process might be days or years; it all depends, but eventually, sewer back up would happen if those things go down the drain line.

The clean up after sewer backup is essential, as it wastewaters that might contain sewage and germs. Also, floodings are hazardous due to water damage, as standing water, high humidity, poor ventilation might become a reason for a fungi development; in other words, mold might start to spread. Moreover, direct contact with sewage may cause infection and irritation of the skin, eye, and stomach to humans and animals.

We strongly suggest to trash all things that do not belong to the toilet and sinks drains put in the garbage bins.