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How Often Should Catch Basins Be Cleaned?

Manhole in Toronto. main sewer drain line access.
Catch basins, known also as curb inlets or storm drains are openings that are created to enable rainwater and stormwater to reach drain systems which catch sediment and debris through a grate. Unlike water in residences or commercial buildings that goes down the drains, there is no filtration process for the water which flows through the catch basins before it reaches the local stream, lakes or the ocean. If the catch basin is clogged with trash, sticks, or other debris that floats down the street, the drainage system gets compromised which creates a significant problem for towns, municipalities or cities.

How does the catch basin get blocked?

Branches and leaves: If the catch basin is located in commercial space or residential property there are possibilities that lot of twigs and leaves get collected in the basin. This is quite common particularly in the seasons where leaves fall and when severe storms occur. Leaves and branches that collect around and in the catch basin become sticky and start to break, while attracting other debris that leads to accumulation of debris.

Dirt: Because the grate on the catch basin in Toronto is at ground level, it is natural that catch basins collect dirt. Water in the surrounding areas will also transport dirt to the catch basin easily. If the catch basin is in a green space or high traffic area there could be more dirt accumulation than normal which can lead to clogging of the outlet pipe, particularly when other debris gets added to the clog.

Garbage: Plenty of litter also reaches the catch basin, especially plastic bags.

Cement and mortar: Any renovation or construction in a area can lead to accumulation of mortar and cement in the catch basin.

How often should catch basins be cleaned?

Hiring professional plumbers who are experts in catch basin cleaning and main drain cleaning is the ideal way to maintain catch basins. The purpose behind catch basin cleaning is to remove possible blockages that can lead to an overflow. Pooled water in parking lots or public streets are the visible signs of catch basin clogs. Catch basin cleaning done by professionals prevents later complications.

Reputed Toronto catch basin cleaning professionals use advanced technology including vacuum extraction, vactor flusher truck, hydro jetting, and power flushing to remove buildup within the sump. Preferably, catch basin has to be cleaned every year before fall time and checked again at spring time.