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What You Need To Know About Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basin is designed to make drainage system more efficient.
Catch basins are an important part of many drainage systems. A catch basin is an opening with a grate on top and a drainage pipe that slopes away from the basin. It is usually situated on lower ground within the property.

The main purpose of a catch basin is to drain away water and catch any debris or dirt that comes with it. This prevents any drain blockage that would require a drain camera inspection, drain snaking, emergency drain repair, or perhaps even a full drain replacement.

Water and solids enter a catch basin through the grate. The water is allowed to pass through, while the debris settles at the bottom and does not enter the pipe. The drainage pipe then takes the water to a nearby sewage line.

Catch basins are particularly useful in areas that experience heavy flooding during rains or storms. In areas like Toronto, heavy downpour is quite common. A catch basin can thus prevent flooding and protect your property from water damage. In any case, remember to check your eligibility for the Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy Program.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a catch basin?

The benefits of having a catch basin far outweigh the drawbacks. It prevents any flooding of your basement, protects your lawns from soaking in excess water, and supports the water supply line installation of your property when there are torrential rains.

There are some challenges that you might face with maintenance of catch basins though. Catch basin cleaning is important to maintain excellent working order. Another problem is that the stagnant water in the basin may attract pests, like mosquitoes.

What you should know about catch basin cleaning

Catch basins require cleaning occasionally as the debris tends to clog the passage and may cause a drain blockage. It is therefore advisable to avoid dumping any kind of garbage into it. This may cause the catch basin to become clogged and may result in water overflowing into your property, which would require the immediate attention of an emergency plumber. Dumping garbage in the drainage system is also bad for the environment.

If your catch basin looks clear but still doesn't drain water, there's probably a serious drain blockage down the line. To investigate a blockage, call an emergency drain cleaning service. They should be able to easily pinpoint the cause of the blockage.

The best practice for catch basin cleaning, however, is to take preventive measures. Avoid the accumulation of debris and maintain a regular cleaning schedule by a professional drain cleaning service to keep problems away.