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Why do most DIY drain cleaning fail

Have you ever tried one of those quick and easy tips 'how to clear drain clog at home'?
You must be lucky if it helped you to clear the drain blockage, most of the time it has no effect on drain pipe nor the clog. Those methods are more suitable as a maintenance tip.
To avoid costly drain pipe replacement, if severe blockage accumulated through the years of neglected plumbing drain issues. It is advised to inspect and do preventative cleaning of drain pipe system once a year.
Water in our houses is an essential thing, and drainage of wastewaters is a part of it. Sink/ shower and basement drains need us to be thoughtful users, and caring homeowners.
Why Do Most DIY Drain Cleaning Fail?

There are several solutions to unclogging a drain that are available online. Home remedies that use baking soda, salt, and vinegar are environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and quite easy to implement. But what most people fail to understand is that do-it-yourself solutions for clogged drains are only a temporary solution.

Why do DIY unclogging fail?

Clogged drains are a nightmare for anyone. People are usually unaware of what exactly causes a blockage.

Like any other household, the first solution that one may think of is a do-it-yourself remedy. One of these employs baking soda, salt, vinegar, and water to unblock drainage pipes. It is absolutely chemical-free, fully natural, and eco-friendly as well. Surely, there are no side effects or adverse consequences on health and no requirements to exercise adequate caution during such a procedure.

Although a quick and easy solution, what people fail to see is its long-term repercussions. There's typically always a disclaimer associated with such remedies that asks the user to contact a plumber if the problem persists.

When a drainage pipe is clogged, nobody can be certain about the culprit behind this blockage since it may not always be visible from the outside.. While an in-house rectification gives an immediate solution to the problem with the least expenditure, the issue may continue to persist owing to the multiple locations in a house where an object can get sent down the drain into the pipelines.

Common portals include the kitchen and bathroom sink and the shower drain among others. Common backups, build-ups, and recurring clogs in pipes are usually attributed to objects such as food, grease, toiletries, and hair that flow through the pipes.

A DIY unclogging solution only creates a pathway through the object responsible for the clog and does not thoroughly clean the pipe. This causes the problem to repeat itself all over again.

What is the solution?

Ever problem has a solution, but unclogging a drain using DIY home remedies is not one of them. The DIY may include items that prove harmful for the pipes.

While it may look like an easy task, unclogging a drain take a lot of effort. It is always suggested to seek professional help since a non-functioning drain or pipe can even result in health-related complications.

It is crucial that the pipes are regularly checked by professionals qualified to unclog and clean a drain without harming them. An annual inspection is all it takes to save time and money and avoid any drastic issues.