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All That a Drain Camera Inspection Can Help You Identify

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Sewer drain backup, sewer smell from the floor drain, slow or no drainage from several (especially of the lower levels of the house) plumbing fixtures are common signs of clogged drain pipe. We advise ordering drain camera inspection in advance to identify the issue - save money and avoid emergency drain cleaning/repair services.
Typically sewer lines lie under the foundation of a house. It is placed on a concrete slab of a thickness of about four or five inches and then about two feet of dirt is placed above the sewer pipe. To check the pipes and identify possible issues, a sewer drain camera diagnostic process is conducted by inserting a drain camera into the primary sewer pipeline, or the vent stack. After that, the plumbing technician see the insides of the pipeline on a monitor. The entire process is called sewer drain camera inspection.

Here are a few aspects that a drain camera diagnostic process can identify:

The exact location of the sewer lines with the help of special devices.

Slow drainage and clogs caused by hair, dirt, grease, or other contaminants: A drain camera inspection can identify the underlying cause of the clog and help the plumber come up with the right solution.

System type and core materials: Since these pipelines are located underground, identifying the type of system can be difficult. Thanks to drain camera inspection that the plumber can tell if the pipes are made of cast-iron or PVC or cast-iron. This make it easier to identify potential sewer problems.

Structure of pipes and connections – A drain camera inspection allows plumbers to check fittings, joints, and other types of pipeline connections. This helps plumbers understand the direction of flow of water.

However, a drain camera diagnostic process cannot help you locate leakages. Identifying and fixing them may call for more specialized inspection and repairing works.