How to detect the drain system is heavily blocked.

Is Full Drain Replacement Necessary?

Outskirts of Toronto, the sewage system is outdated in these areas, and sewer drain backup often happens in these areas.
One part of the house that we often tend to neglect that's actually quite extremely important for the smooth running of our daily lives is the sewage system. We don't usually care much about sewage until one day all lines get clogged up and the sink starts overflowing. Why wait till that day? If you could only learn a little about what to do and what not to, you could avoid a major overhauling of the sewage system. In some cases, though, drain replacement becomes inevitable.

How do you know when it needs attention?

Drain blockage is not uncommon. It keeps happening now and then and you probably just clear it up with an overnight drain cleaner solution. But if this clogging problem keeps showing up frequently or there are multiple clogged fixtures, there's probably some major issue with your sewage lines. In this case, it is best to contact a professional drain cleaning service or an emergency plumber.

The reasons behind a major blockage could be many. From tree root intrusion into cracked pipes to grease getting stuck on the inner surface of the pipe, anything could clog the line over time. A professional plumber can detect the actual cause of the blockage using modern equipment, like a drain inspection camera, and will offer a solution.

Apart from drain blockage, there could be other issues too, like a broken pipe or extreme rusting and corrosion, leading to ruptures. These issues may not cause a blockage but will result in leakage of sewer water.

When do you need a full drain replacement?

In most cases, if your house is still relatively new, you could avoid a full drain replacement and minor repairs can help solve the problem. This may involve a thorough cleaning of debris and grease that have been clogging the pipes by methods like drain snaking, or a replacement of just a section of the sewage line that shows damage due to corrosion, sagging, or root intrusion.

But if your house is already quite old and you've been facing drainage problems for quite some time now, you probably need a full drain replacement. It is also advisable to get your sewage lines checked and, if required, replaced by a professional sewage repair service.

A scheduled replacement will save you the trouble of a sudden breakdown of the entire system someday. The traditional method of a full drain replacement is by digging a trench in the yard through which the sewage line runs, but there are increasingly modern methods now, like trenchless pipe repair, that are suggested by experts.