5 sings you need to call an Emergency Plumber

Fixing leaks immediately can help you save as much as 10% on the water bill.
Across the U.S. at least 10 percent of homes have water leaks as per estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency. Hidden and known water leaks lead to wastage of more than 90 gallons of water every day. Here are some alarming statistics that show how important it is to fix a leak, immediately:
On average, leaks in a household leads to wastage of ten thousand gallons of water annually. This is as much as what is used to do 270 laundry loads!
Fixing leaks immediately can help you save as much as 10 percent on the water bill.
If the irrigation system in your home has sprung a leak, you would be wasting 6,300 gallons of water each month.
When a plumbing pipe bursts, 250 gallons of water can leak out per day
While some leaks are visible, others may not be immediately evident but can end up causing severe damage to the building structure apart from wasting water.
Five signs you need to call an emergency plumber
While it might seen as an extra expense, and there is no need to rush to fix the issue today. Here are some of the examples when you need the services of an emergency plumber:
Emergency plumbing service is not overly expensive and if the drain pipe is broken, or there is a heavy blockage in the drains it is advised to call local plumbing company right away.
1.You hear gurgling sounds: Gurgling sounds in pipes can indicate a blockage or at times, could also be due to a collapsed pipe. If you hear gurgling sounds from the pipes that were previously silent, it is time to call an emergency plumber mainly when the noise keeps getting louder.
2.A plunger is useless: If your toilet is blocked entirely and water won't drain even after you use your plunger, you need to call the emergency plumber right away. This means the blockage is at a deeper level that cannot be addressed by the plunger.
3.Bad odor: Raw sewage has a sulfurous, repulsive smell that is hard to miss. If you have been subject to such smell, it is time for the professional emergency plumber to inspect sewage pipes under your home.
4.Slow drains: If water does not drain quickly from the sinks, showers, or kitchens, only a professional emergency plumber can diagnose the problem.
5.Visible leaks: Water on the kitchen floor, living room or through the wall can indicate serious problems with the plumbing system that needs to be checked right away.
A professional emergency plumber uses advanced tools such as drain camera inspection and drain snaking to find out what the problem is with the plumbing. Quick and accurate diagnosis is the first step to solving the plumbing related problem.
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