When it is time to call a plumbing drain company?

Clear, working drain system is crucial for a convinient living in the house.
We know why and how pipes got clogged, we also know how to clear them without harming the unity.
We depend on water a lot, and we always need to have free access to it, accordingly drainage of the water is also important.
Why Does A Plumber Need A Drain Snake?
A clogged toilet or kitchen sink can be frustrating. Sometimes what looks like a simple clog can turn out to be something more serious such as tough tree roots or glass wool in the main pipes that cannot be removed using DIY methods. When plunging and cleaning agents do not work, it is best to call a professional plumber who uses a tool called drain snake to address simple to complex clogs.
Why the plumber needs a drain snake?
The drain snake, also called a plumber's snake is a flexible, slender auger that is used to remove clogs in drains or sanitary sewers. The plumber's snake is the last resort for plumbers to address difficult clogs which refuse to budge with a plunger. The drain snake is also known as a toilet jack. The drain snake has a helix shaped or coiled metal wire and the gap between the coils broadens at the terminal. The professional plumber operates a crank which rotates the helix while it moves through the drain or sewer. If tough and dense materials such as glass wool or tree roots are clogging the drain, the drain snake breaks it up adequately to ensure proper functioning of the drain. If the obstruction is a lightweight, small object, the drain snake can snag or corkscrew the material, allowing the plumber to pull it away. As the drain snake rotates, it also scrapes off oil, mineral or debris deposits on the interior walls in the drain or sewer, thereby ensuring optimal cleaning of the drain or sewer.
Why you should not attempt a DIY Professional plumbers use either a hand auger or a drum auger. Hand augers are particularly used to remove clogs in bathtub drains or kitchen sinks. Many people who attempt a DIY with a drain snake in flush toilets might end up damaging the toilet bowl because the drain snake wire is unsuitable for the bowl. Besides, flush toilets feature large drain pipes where in the narrow drain snake can get tangled. For getting rid of toilet clogs, the plumber uses another type of auger called closet auger. This drain snake features a shorter auger attached to hook-shaped metal tubing. The hook shape facilitates feeding of the drain snake into the toilet. As the auger has a plastic boot at the end, it does not damage the porcelain finish of the toilet bowl. A drum auger has modular blades that are designed for different drain pipe sizes and is a motorized tool to get rid of clogs. The professional plumber uses the powerful drum auger to cut through complex and tough tree roots. When untrained people use the drum auger, it can end up damaging copper wiring or plastic pipework.