Sewer Drain Backup problems

Sewer Drain backup is a common problem for Toronto homeowners. What do you need to do if you experience sewer drain backup?
Toronto is a high-density city with an old infrastructure that, at times, gives failures and troubles torontonians with basement floodings, sewer drain backups, and blocked sewer drains.
Backed up sewage is one of the most disturbing things for a homeowner to deal with, and for sure, you need a professional plumber to call. A professional plumber handles the situation correctly and can clear the blockage off the drain in a short time, or, if not possible, at least provide a temporary solution.

It is crucial to address the issue on time; it may lead from slowed drainage in your main drain to complete the sewer line blockage. Overflow of the sewage could damage the house's lower level's interiors and create a health hazard for the family.

What is a sewer backup, and when does it happen?

Our plumbing system consists of the plumbing pipes that bring water in and drainage pipes that move used water out back to the city's main lines. Wastewaters also contain wastes from our daily usage of the bathroom, sinks, toilets, and washing machines. If the waste line gets blocked or broken for some reason, it ends up in your home's sewer backup.

It is essential not to use any plumbing fixture during the backup, as further usage of plumbing will result in additional overflow of the wastewaters.

The first point of contact should be your local plumbing company that specializes in sewer drain backups. Specialist consultation and assistance are crucial during sewer drain backup. As standing contaminated water is a severe hazard to the house and residents.

The drain pipe might get clogged for various reasons, you could read more about it here. We also cover the topic of how to prevent drain clogging and implement good habits for healthy drains in your home here.