The Top Four Professional Drain Cleaning Benefits

Kitchen drains, bathroom drains and toilets has their own tendency to clog. Sewer drain is different as it collects waists from the whole house.
Hundreds of things literally go down the drain in homes every day. These range from soap scum, hair, food waste, to toilet paper. Oil, fat, grease, and waste such as tea leaves apart from other objects that cannot be broken down can cause serious problems within the drain system. Oil and grease particularly solidify within drainage pipes to cause blockages. Here are some common things that get washed down the drain and cause clogging that may need the services of an emergency plumber:
• Hair
• Oil, fat and grease
• Soap, shampoo and detergents
• Dirt
• Cat litter
• Tree root intrusion
• Plants and leaves
• Food waste
• Wipes and diapers
• Toilet paper
• Feminine products

Do DIY measures help?
While some DIY measures you can take include plunging, pouring hot water into the kitchen or toilet drain, and using a commercial drain cleaning agent, none of these work when the clog is extensive.
Professional drain maintenance goes beyond superficial cleaning to offer many more benefits. Here are some reasons why it is best to leave drain cleaning to professionals:
Advantages of professional drain cleaning

Optimise drain performance:
Minor blocks in drains will lead to further complications if not addressed immediately. DIY methods succeed only in making the blocks worse. Professional drain cleaning service providers use the latest techniques and tools to ensure more serious problems do not occur while optimizing your drain's performance.

Reduced risk of emergencies:
Regular professional drain cleaning is recommended to avoid the serious consequences of drain pipe bursts and flooding. Since there is no way of knowing when these emergencies occur, it is always better to adopt a preventive approach when it comes to maintaining your property's drains.

Eliminate foul odors:
Sometimes, the only sign of a clogged drain is a foul odor. Bad smell can emanate from food particles, toilet residue, or grease accumulated on the pipe walls instead of being carried away. Instead of ignoring the smell or using the plunger, calling the most reputed drain cleaning expert in your area is the best way to get rid of foul odors.

Diagnose serious issues:
Professional drain cleaning service providers use advanced technologies and tools that include drain snaking, a 3D drain camera inspection, power flushing, hydro jetting, and trenchless pipe repair along with other techniques to diagnose hidden issues.
When professionals check out the entire drainage system on a regular basis, they can identify issues that are not apparent or may potentially lead to serious problems if left unaddressed. Invading tree roots or leaks can effectively be rectified with regular inspections.