Signs You Need a Sewer Drain Repair

How to detect drain clogs, breaks in your house.

Every homeowner should know about warning signs your drain pipes showing.
Dysfunctional plumbing is a nuisance that no homeowner wants to have to deal with. However, if you do not tend to your damaged sewer drain in time, then you will have to deal with even bigger problems later on, which include busted pipes and sewage-flooded bathrooms, not to mention extra costly repairs which you could've avoided.
The plumbing in your house does not just involve pipes that you find in your home. It also involves the main line outside – the sewer drain – where most damages happen. If you identify with these problems below, then it may indicate that you need emergency drain cleaning or repair.
Main Drain replacement. New PVC piping laying.
  • You experience sewage blockages and backups
If your toilet keeps clogging or the water keeps backing up in your sink and bathtub, then it may be a result of a broken sewer line. Drain blockage and backups such as these are among the clearest indicators of plumbing damage, which means you need drain cleaning/sewer cleaning done as soon as possible.
  • You start smelling a foul odor
If you smell a foul, sewage odor inside your home, in your basement, or in your yard, then it is most probably a result of a crack or clog in the sewer line. This means that you need repair work done right away.
  • You have mold growing in your home
A damaged sewer line could also lead to the growth of mold in your walls and ceilings. For instance, if there is a crack in the line, then water can leak out, resulting in the growth of mold. Since mold can be very harmful, it is important to get this checked immediately by calling an emergency plumber.
Your sinks drain slowly
While a slow drain in your sink can arise from common and minute plumbing issues, it could also be because of a damaged line. If cleaning and clogging don't seem to do the job, then you may want to get your sewer line checked for any clogs and/or damage. If you delay this, you may have to go for a full drain replacement in the future.
  • You have significant pooling in your yard
A sewage leak often leads to significant pooling of septic waste in your yard, which will most likely result in a nasty odor too. If you notice any such pooling in your yard, then make sure you call in professionals to check and conduct any repair required.
  • You have a cracked foundation
If you see any cracks in your foundation, they may be caused by a damaged sewer line. Many times, such damages affect the structural integrity of your home as well.
If you notice these signs of damaged sewer drains, then make sure you call for emergency drain cleaning and/or repair as soon as possible!