Easy steps by step guidance on how to replace shower valve cartridge.

Would you like to do plumbing around the house yourself or simply curious about the process?

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Shower faucet from Moen, cartridges guaranteed for life.
You could check Moen website and search for a particular shower fixture. Locate your Moen shower faucet and in description it would tell you which cartridge it uses and order it free of charge since they are guaranteed for life.
How would you know that you need to replace your shower cartridge?

You may need to do that if you noticed reduced water pressure in your shower or some leaking.
Here is a complete guide on how to replace your shower cartridge valve yourself.
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1. You need to unscrew your shower handle, you should find a screw, it is usually located on the bottom of the handle.
We recommend using a flip-out screwdriver. However, you could use another type of screwdriver to do that.
2. Remove the end of your valve and carefully remove those parts.
3. Using same flip-out screwdriver remove screws that holding your shower trim plate.
4. Take out a trim plate and put it aside.
5. Next, you have to determine if your shower valve has water stops.
If you have water stops you simply could turn out your water flow with a screwdriver if you don't then turn off your water supply off the main.
6. When you turned off your water supply, find the clip that is located on top of the cartridge valve and remove it with pliers.
7. Now you could to remove your cartridge. You could use locking pliers if you have one, if not you could use any pliers you have, it should also work. You need a firm grip and pull out the cartridge carefully.
8. Now when your old cartridge is out you could replace with the new shower cartridge. Simply insert it on the same spot you had found your old cartridge.
On the one side of the cartridge valve, there is a horizontal line, that would be facing down.
9. Finally, you replace the clip, the trim plate, and all assembling. Make sure the top of the end of the valve is on the left side and reattach the handle.

We hope that it would help you to accomplish it by yourself, if you feel like you need help, give us a call, you are more than welcome!

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