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Four Reasons to upgrade your home water supply line

We use water in many ways, that is most necessary convenience we have at our homes. The quality of water we have at our homes is critical for our healthy eating, drinking, and well-being.
Rusty pipes, poor water pressure, or outdated plumbing are just some factors that not only lead to major inconveniences but also reduce your property's value. Upgrading your water service helps you ensure your plumbing meets your current water usage trends apart from addressing leaks or damages.

Four reasons why you need a water service upgrade
Here are some of the major reasons why you need upgrades for your water supply line installation:

Reduce lead contamination: There are many benefits of upgrading your water service. The City of Toronto has lead pipes that provide water, although it is crucial to replace water service line equipment every year. Two sections need replacing; the first is the privately-owned portion of the pipe from your property to the water meter, and the second is the city-owned water service pipe that connects the property line to watermain. Replacing this connection reduces lead contamination in water.

Low water pressure: If your home is experiencing low water pressure, a water service upgrade could be the solution. The cause could be related to sediment build-up in old pipes, which is common in most older Toronto homes. Another reason could relate to the pipe infrastructure not being able to handle the rising water demand. A leak or blockage in the pipe are also reasons behind low water pressure. A water supply line installation of a smaller diameter and faulty shut-off valves are common culprits behind such an issue too.
Upgrading the supply line's diameter from a city connection or replacing existing supply pipes with those of larger diameters can ensure enhanced water pressure and improved water service to your home.

Adding a new bathroom: If you are looking to renovate your home with an additional bathroom or new fixtures, it may call for an upgrade of water services. Many homes in Toronto are old and may have an insufficient inflow that fail to meet the modern day water usage trends.

Old sewer lines: Sewer lines in aging homes can also impact the health of your plumbing systems. These sewer lines, if made of clay, plastic or cast iron, are highly susceptible to damage. While iron can corrode, a tree root intrusion can destroy clay and plastic. Professional plumbing experts in Toronto use wide ranging techniques such as a drain camera inspection, drain snaking, power flushing, water jetter sewer cleaning, and hydro jetting to address these problems while carrying out a full drain replacement.

Emergency plumbers use trenchless technology for pipe burst repair, water supply line installation, and replacement of damaged plumbing without removing excessive earth.