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The Power of Drain Camera Inspection

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Drain clog is a common issue especially for older neighborhoods in Toronto, tree roots are one of the major issues that grew into the sanitary line and causing sewer backup.
In a metropolis city like Toronto, the drainage systems are of fundamental importance. If the sewer line is inefficient, it might disrupt the daily life of property owners, damage the property, and costly repairs. However, with emergency drain repair services and innovative technology, drain camera inspection with its non-invasive nature has reshaped the landscape of drain services. Following are the key points as to why you should opt for drain camera inspection services.

Why choose drain camera inspection?

Non-invasive Method:

Drain camera inspection is a non-invasive method causing minimal disruption. Traditional methods often involve intense excavation, digging up gardens, or even building structures compromising the stability of the structure. A drain camera operates by forming a small entry point to access the sewer line. The camera is attached with a cable that travels through the drainage line, eliminating the need for extensive digging. Flexibility: Drain camera inspection is a flexible method, and it can even navigate through drain pipes with numerous obstacles, such as debris, bent pipes, and convoluted parts. It has a pan and tilt function, enabling the operator to inspect the drain from various angles. It also comes with a retractable camera head, allowing the camera to pass through in narrow diameters.

Verifying repairs:

Drain camera inspection also plays a role in verifying the repairs after the whole process is completed. This not only provides reassurance to the customer but also increases the credibility of the service. After our plumbers have finished the entire process, they perform a post-repair drain camera inspection to examine points that underwent repair.

Documentation and reporting:

The drain camera captures real-time detailed images and videos, providing a clear view of main drain problems and areas that require sewer line drain repair. The drain camera has a motorized head that allows it to move 360° and 180° horizontally and vertically, recording every inch of the sewer line with exceptional precision. As it records everything in high resolution, it provides the customers with evidence for any legal purposes. Moreover, property owners can observe abnormalities with the drainage system, thereby increasing client inclusion.

Location and depth:

A drain camera head is attached to a 60m long pipe that can navigate through any obstacles in the drainage pipe. These pipes are often marked with numbers indicating distance. Some cameras are equipped with GPS technology that can precisely identify the location and depth of the problem.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly:

Drain camera inspection by Toronto Drain Service is a cost-effective and eco-friendly method in contrast to traditional draining methods. From cracked and collapsed sewer line to sewer backup, it can identify any problem and prevents future damage. Additionally, it saves time as our experts can quickly examine the problem and provide solutions whether the property needs a sewer line repair, clay pipe replacement, main drain repair, or removal of foreign objects.

What problems it can identify?

Root Intrusion:

Root intrusion is quite a common problem that disrupts the efficiency of drainage systems resulting in sewer backup, drain blockages, pipeline damages, etc. This issue often occurs in properties that have clay sewer pipes or concrete pipes. These pipes often crack up, and roots or shrubs penetrate within the cracks and start to grow. Moreover, sewer pipes have areas of water leakages and condensation. Root hair, root growths, and masses are attracted toward moisture and organic matter. Drain camera inspection by professional services can help identify the problems, and further actions for repair are planned based on the inspection video.

Collapsed Sewer line:

Old pipes are often prone to cracking and collapsing. The aging of clay, concrete, or cast iron deteriorates the sewer line causing cracks and significant damage. Collapsed sewer lines often pose a threat to health and hygiene, sewage backups, and foul odor. Camera inspection helps identify the extent of damage to the drainage system, and plumbers can come up with accurate action plans.

Blockages and Clogs:

Foreign objects are often caught up unexpectedly in sewer lines causing blockages and clogs. These foreign objects damage the drain flow and might cause cracking and collapsing. In such situations, drain repair services like ours first opt for a drain camera inspection that gives them visual confirmation. They identify the size and matter of blockages and go for the least invasive removal of blockages. Grease accumulation:

Commercial areas often associated with food companies face a problem of grease accumulation. Commercial kitchens and food services release a huge amount of grease down the sewer line. Grease is a by-product of fats and oils used in kitchens. These by-products solidify and form blockages in the drain pipe. This can lead to unpleasant odor and non-hygienic conditions. A specialized drain camera inspection by an expert can assess and identify the point of grease blockage.


Common factors causing corrosion are moisture, aging pipes, exposure to corrosive substances, soil structures, and the material of the pipe. There might be discolored patches and rust inside the sewer pipeline that are only visible due to the drain camera inspection. This method enables the professionals to detect whether corrosion has destroyed all pipes or just some of them. Timely inspection is beneficial and prevents the spread of corrosion.

Cracked pipes:

Identifying cracks can help to prevent future damage to the sewer line. Often due to soil differences, shifting and moisture pipes become susceptible to cracks and further damage. The drain camera inspects the damaged pipes and assesses the severity of cracks. It gives the exact location of the crack further helping in deciding the extent of repair or replacement. To sum it up, Toronto Drain Service is available with innovative technology to cater to your needs. With our team of professional plumbers and transformative technology, property owners can rely on us to identify drainage issues with precision and resolve them efficiently. Our team is available around the clock to help. You can avail of our emergency drain repair service as well, where we listen and resolve your drainage issues within the shortest time.