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About Drain Power Flushing

Sewer blockages at residential and commercial properties have sewer backups or main drain clogs. As a top drain cleaning expert, Toronto drain Services provides you some insight into popular drain power flushing service - reasons and things to be aware of.

Drain Power Flushing is a service by a drain cleaning company that allows clearing grease and calcium buildup blockages and buildups inside the lateral pipe. The high pressure of 3500 PSi blasts the clog and pushes it down to the municipality's central sewer system. But before proceeding with drain power flushing, the plumber needs to make sure it safe to perform the service, as it not always practical and not even safe.

Drain power flushing or hydro jetting is suitable for soft muddy blockages like grease and fat or brittle calcium buildups inside of the pipe. However, it won't work well on tree root clog, it would only buy you some time by breaking small parts of the tree roots and just poking a hole, but it won't be able to clear the sewer line completely off the tree root clog.

Besides it, sewer drain power flushing might pose a flood risk if the water is not released out of the system pro\ior starting hydro jetting. Thus as a precautionary measure, we run a drain camera to inspect the sewer line to detect any possible hydro jetting issues. Also, we usually run the drain camera after drain power flusher to make sure that the pipe is clean and sound,

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