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How to Clean a Main Sewer Line Clog?

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Tree roots intruded the sewer(drain)pipe. drain pipe culprit. drain pipe repair and replacement. Old drain clay pipes, old Toronto from Toronto Drain Services.

Sewer/main drain backup is a common problem in homes. Such a problem can lead to basement flooding—something that can damage walls and expensive items that you store in your basement. It could arise due to many reasons, such as tree root intrusion or any other object entering the system. To unclog the main sewer, you might have to call for an emergency drain company because you might lack the necessary tools to do it yourself.

Here are the steps involved in the drain line cleaning process:

1. Drain Camera Inspection: The emergency drain company will conduct a sewer/main drain camera inspection to identify the clogs. It would show the condition of the pipe. For all weak points that might give problems in the future, also we provide recordings on a USB stick at an additional charge. Please, notify the technician that you would like to get the drain investigation recorded.

2. Uncapping: The contractor will then loosen the cap of the main sewer/drain line. This might cause the clog to spill out of the drain. They will allow it to flow out entirely.

3. Inserting the auger cable into the drain line:Drain line snaking requires an auger or a plumbing snake to be fed into the main drain pipe. Doing so will hit the underlying clog. The contractor runs the auger till the sewer drain blockage is removed. When the blockage clears out, the water level in the pipeline will gradually fall and drain out completely.

4. Hosing: After the water drains out, the contractor sprays the hose down the drain pipe to eliminate any debris and purge the auger.

After these steps are complete, the cap is placed back on the drain pipe and tightened with a wrench. Since drain repair is a specialized job, homeowners should always call for a licensed contractor who can conduct a proper drain camera diagnostic process and also leverage techniques like drain hydro jetting for sewer drain blockage removal.