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Basement Flooded with Sewage, What Should You Do

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Basement flooded with sewage due to drain line blockage.
Basement flooding occurs for many reasons, but one cause is more common than others: heavy rainfall. Heavy downpour brings too much water down the pipes. The increasing pressure is beyond the capacity of standard sewage lines. Hence, water starts traveling to every lower level regardless of where it floods. The drain lines that do not have a no-return valve cannot resist the vital flow of water. The backward flowing water starts entering basements of nearby homes and commercial centers.

Preventive Measures You Need to Know

Basement flooding with sewage water is an unpleasant situation that you should avoid. The best way is to find some preventive measures to save you from experiencing a terrible problem in your home called a sewage flood. If you are living in a place for a long while, you must be aware of the rainy seasons and your home's level. Low-lying homes are more vulnerable to basement flooding after a heavy downpour.

If you are new to Canada, you must ask friends what some essential steps you must take regarding your home are. New settlers in rented homes should confirm with their homeowner if they have proper settings to avoid basement flooding.

The primary prevention is to install a backwater valve. This is the best, hassle-free method to control the backflow of water. After installing a backwater valve, you will not experience basement flooding. So, it is a safety step that can ensure peace of mind for you during the rainy season or in a situation when drain blockage suffocates your home plumbing network.

Preventive measures are always available, and we customize a solution for our customers that suits their homes and lifestyle. If you visit our office or call our representative, we will send experts to your home. After a little survey of your home and getting a clear idea of your sewage drain lines network, they will suggest the best solution for you. So, nothing to worry about!
What to Do When You Notice Water Entering Your Basement
A heavy downpour alarms everyone living in a house with a basement. If you are one of them, check your basement before anything else. If water has started entering the area from the bathroom floor drain, do the following:

- Turn off the electricity. This precautionary step will ensure the safety of your family and pets.
- Put on your boots because you will have to move in and out of the water on the floor.
- Remove items from the basement that are still safe from access to water.
- Find out the point from which water finds a way inside your basement.
- Call Toronto Drain Services as soon as possible so that the situation does not become too complicated to handle.

Sewage water is highly contaminated. That is why quit any idea in your mind that is signaling you to DIY basement fixing from flood water. We do not say that you cannot do it. The point is efficiency and accuracy in all the fixing; only a licensed, reputable company can offer such a service.

Simple Tips on Preventing Basement Flooding

Some activities can increase the chances of basement flooding. If you find that doing them, replace them with a better lifestyle. For example, pouring oil into the kitchen drain. You often have leftover oil after frying fish or chicken you do not want to reuse. So, you decide to dispose of it in the sink drain and wash the pan quickly to get done with your kitchen work. This is not practical because oil is heavy and does not get washed away smoothly from the drain pipes. It joins the gunk and dirt in the drain and forms a large mass inside. Once this happens, there are bigger chances that your drain will get blocked.

Paper products are in use in the kitchen and bathroom of every household. Unfortunately, they are not as unproblematic as we think. They often do not break properly inside the drain and start forming a block inside. We never know what is happening inside the drain and keep using paper napkins and sanitary towels. If you try to be mindful when you dispose of paper napkins, you will minimize the chances of drain blockage. Just use your dustbin instead of throwing them in the drain.
Sometimes tree roots are to blame when they enter the pipes searching for water and grow like a nest in the pipe cavity. This happens with cracks and broken pipes. So, install a new pipe if the old one gets cracked, especially when trees grow around your home or in the yard.
Install a new plastic pipe or cut tree roots.

Cleaning and Decontaminating Your Basement

Sewage flooding, basement prevention, and fixing need good care. Both jobs should take your full consideration. Hire professionals from the start, and you will not regret your choice. If someone tells you to plan a DIY project, think twice before following their advice. Plumbing jobs need experience and skill as much as they need proper apparatus. For these things, you better find Toronto Drain Services and save your peace of mind. A little extra cash you spend today on preventing a sewage flood in your basement will pay you back in the form of clean living and feeling safe during rains.
However, the whole job does not end at what we mentioned above. You have to think about the aftermath. The sewage water is highly contaminated. When it enters your home, you must dry and disinfect the basement properly to protect yourself and your family from this contamination.

Decontamination needs proper apparatus as well as powerful disinfectants. So, it is also the job of professionals and not you. So, remember that cleaning service should also be included in the whole job of the professionals you hire. To ensure this, hire only the services of a licensed company. You may find individual plumbers who offer very affordable rates for their services. We do not recommend them. Your satisfaction is only possible with professionals from a licensed company. So, make sure you choose the right one.