Floor Drain Overflowing | Sewer Drain Repair

Why is Your Floor Drain Overflowing and How You Can Fix it?

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Drain blockages of grease and food leftovers usually occur in the kitchen drain pipes; hair and muck in the shower or bathtub drains. Most problematic part of the drain is usually U or P-traps of the drain pipes.
Using water freely in the bathroom is a blessing. You realize this only when one day you see your floor drain overflowing. Once this disaster hits your sewer drain system, washing up and showering becomes a nightmare. You wish the next day you wake up and see the drain has started functioning normally again miraculously. But that miracle never happens unless you call a licensed drain service.

Why your Drain is Overflowing

Many reasons contribute to the drain overflowing. It can be a broken pipe under the ground that becomes an obstacle in the way of sewer water. Some objects like paper towels, sanitary napkins, or fallen hair do not flow out and exit the drain lines. They block the pipes, and water cannot flow.

Sewer drain overflowing can be a severe problem in basements. If you have never experienced this situation, try your best to avoid it. The good news is that preventive measures help in the perfect normal function of drains. All drain companies suggest that you install a backflow preventer in your home. This will spare you from going through the worst experience of your home life. Other preventive measures are simple day-to-day vigilance of what you drop in the drain. Never pour grease into kitchen sinks; do not throw paper towels and napkins in the drain. This simple care tip can save you from huge complications and troubles.

Sewer Drain Overflowing Issue

Sewer drain overflowing results from pipes getting narrower because of residue buildup. The combination of heavy dirt, soap foam, washing detergents, and other agents forms a layer on the interior walls of the drain lines. This layer gradually becomes thicker, and the cavity of the drains becomes narrower. Then, one day eventually, the main sewer line gets clogged. The resulting situation from this clog makes your bathroom not useable. Of course, who wants to use the bathroom after seeing the floor drain overflowing. You need to call professional plumbers from a licensed company to fix the issue. Only then your drain lines will resume functioning properly.

Often, homeowners call a nearby drain service and check the latest backflow preventer in the market. They keep an eye on the future and try to prevent a disaster like a main sewer line clog. The best available option for them is a backwater valve. This valve lets the flow out, but if water returns for any reason, it does not let it flow back. This simple preventive method has enabled hundreds of homes to be a piece of heaven for their dwellers. So, you also consider installing one backwater valve in your home before it is too late.

Backflow Preventer Is Helpful

Drain backup often happens on the first floor of your home or the basement – mainly in the basement. This low-lying area is susceptible to water backup in drain lines. When it rains heavily and the water level rises, the drains do not empty in the central server. The water returns to the lower area, a natural phenomenon. It is a rule of nature that water flows to the lower lands, and when your home basement is lower than the main sewer point, the water will not exit but flow back to the lower area. You can stop it from entering your bathroom with a backflow preventer.

However, heavy rains are not the only cause of floor drain overflowing. Other factors that e mentioned above can also cause basement drain backup. If the main sewer line clogs because of a broken pipe or built-up residues, the backflowing water will enter the bathroom from the floor drain. And in this situation also, a backwater valve will be helpful. However, flushing the toilet will be difficult, or a drain's function will fail as a sign of a possible clog. You can install a backwater valve by a professional drain company in Toronto.

Basement Flooding Subsidy Program for All Residents

According to data collected in 2011, NHS revealed that 9.2 million of 13.3 million (69.0 percent) households in Toronto are owners. The rest have rented a home for living. So, if you are an owner, you can apply for the basement flooding subsidy program Toronto. You can do this by contacting licensed Toronto drain services. They are reliable and provide authentic information and trusted services to the residents of Toronto.

What if you are not a homeowner? You can still qualify for the basement flooding subsidy program Toronto. Call your homeowner and let them know the facility that makes your living more comfortable. It will not be a budget-blowing project to install a backflow valve, so, likely, your homeowner will not have any objection. But you need their permission and agreement before installing a backflow valve on their property.

How to Handle Basement Drain Backup

Basement drain backup can drive anyone out of their mind. Seeing mess all over the basement or even a portion of it is not easy to remain calm but try to overcome your frustration. With a composed mind, you can act better. Turn off the electricity in the basement. This is essential for your safety. Pick all the furniture and other items that are still clean and safe from the access of dirty water and shift them to a safe spot. Calling a drain service company to install a backflow valve will take some time. So, save as much as possible if the drain overflowing increases.

Rescuing your clean furniture from dirty water will make you feel great. More satisfaction will follow when you see efficient services of licensed Toronto Drain Services. The professional team of plumbers will assess the drain lines as well. If they are too old to bear the weight of your home's sewer waste, you will need to replace them before installing a backflow valve. They will do needful after a complete checkup of the drain system. You can pour a lot of water to test all the drains at home before they leave to ensure the perfect performance of sewer lines.