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Clogged Sewer Drain Repair or Excavation? Get the Best Professional Advice

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Trenchless no-dig technology drain replacement is perfect for your lawn!
Sewer lines are an essential part of urban homes. They help us enjoy a comfortable and clean life without worrying about so many complications that were once inevitable. But modern plumbing has made our homes cleaner and life more enjoyable. However, sewer lines suffer from many issues like blockage, breakage, and aging. We need proper repair and maintenance service for the underground sewer pipes to maintain smooth exit of the waste from our homes. Drain repair or unclog is a process that is familiar to drain services. They carry it whenever the drain line shows sluggish performance or completely stops working.

When to Expect Drain Repair

Drain repair may raise an alert for many homeowners who have experienced it once or more before. Repairing a broken drain pipe or unclogging it on your own is often impossible. Hence, it would be best to have professionals with modern equipment and long experience in sewer line excavation and repair.

Often repair means mending something that has broken or become damaged. But the story of drain pipes is a bit more inclusive when it comes to repairing. When you call Toronto Drain Services after experiencing uncomfortable waste exit from your sewer lines, and they inform you that your drain needs repair, don't get shocked. It is not always big-scale rebuilding of the sewer network or a similar big operation. It can be simple cleaning or water jetting when they say you need drain repair.

So, when to expect drain repair? You can expect it when you notice that the drain is not exiting the water as it used to. It has become sluggish, and you feel a terrible odor rising from the drain opening when you enter the bathroom after a long time. Sometimes the drain backs up, giving a horrifying experience of using the toilet. All these signs mean you have a clogged sewer drain, and the situation needs quick action.

Clogged Pipe Repair Saves You from Bigger Trouble

Clogged pipe repair is cleaning them from the dirt that has stuck inside. A simple toilet lounger and hot water missed with soda do not solve the problem. Pick a robust solution that eliminates the clog without compromising the safety of the drain pipes.

You may like to use chemicals to unclog the drain as they are affordable. A clogged sewer drain may take you by surprise, and you would rush to a quick and effective solution like pouring chemicals into the drain in a moment of utter confusion. But the safety of the pipes is your priority. So, instead of reaching out to chemicals, call Toronto Drain Services and request them to visit your home to examine the clog's extent and suggest the best solution.

Have you heard of pipe bursting? This is a problematic situation when pipes burst because of aging or weakening. Chemicals can be one strong reason for weakening the lines. If you use chemicals to clean a clog, the chemical won't focus on the clog alone but will react with the pipes' inner surface. As a result, it will get eroded because of the harsh chemical compound. A little more pressure of wastewater or another clog will cause pipe bursting.

Calling professionals for a clogged pipe repair will save you from more frustrating trouble. Water jetting is a harmless yet effective method for clearing many types of common sewer line clogs. It focuses on the clog and does not damage the pipes. Another method is drain snaking which is also harmless and effective. Both these methods need modern equipment, so call professionals and do not sit and plan a DIY drain cleaning operation.

When Do You Need Drain Excavation?

Drain excavation is the final solution for a stubborn clog that is not repairable through water jetting or snaking. Now you must be wondering what that clog could be. This clog is caused by eroded, broken, or shifted pipes. Often the sign of such a clog is heavy leakage which usually shows in your yard. So, if you see a lush green grassy patch where some nasty-smelling water is gathered, understand that something is wrong with your underground sewer pipes.

Call a good rain service near you and ensure they have great reviews and long experience working in the same field. Drain excavation is a lengthy and complicated process. Only highly professional Toronto Drain Services can assuredly work on it.

Sewer Line Excavation that Suits Your Home

Sewer line excavation is the last resort for pipes with no hope of remaining intact. They have aged beyond repair or given up to underground pressure. In some cases, replacing one part of the pipe solves the issue. The corrosion or damage is only partial, and you can save the larger pipes since they are not damaged.

The hardest-to-remove blockages are not a result of human activity. Pipes naturally corrode over time and complete their expected age. Hence, the corrosion damages the pipes when water cannot flow through them. In this situation, your only option is sewer line excavation.

It is better to replace them rather than spend efforts and money on patching or fixing them. Choose the proper method for sewer line excavation because sewer pipes are made of different materials, and every type of material needs a specific solution or excavation. Only professional, veteran drain companies can tell you what kind of pipes your home needs.

Trenchless Drain Repair

Do not worry if your home does not have a trench and you plan a drain backup repair. Trenchless drain replacement is 30 to 40 percent less expensive than conventional methods. The destruction that may be haunting you day and night from the word "excavation" should diminish because trenchless drain repair can be with the slightest breaking and tearing.

A veteran drain service company can even offer you no-digging drain line repair. The repairing is done from the existing access points only. The duration of this drain blockage repair is short-termed, and you can resume your everyday home life very soon.