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Clogged Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

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Kitchen Drain Clog is the most common call we receive. Kitchen drains are susceptible to clogs since we pour grease and fats, foods particles down the drain, which inevitably leads to severe blockages in the pipes.
Did you notice poor drainage in your kitchen drain sink?
The kitchen is the number one problematic area of blocked drains.
Poor drainage is a visible sign of the kitchen sink clogged drain.
And the first thing that should be on the mind is that it is a sign of poor kitchen practice.
Worse, if you have standing water in the kitchen sink. But that is the same drain problem that we mentioned earlier; it only more stuffed and most likely could not get cleaned with simple home remedies like a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. We recommend calling a professional plumber to fix the clog.
And we also give a tip for a future: do not pour grease and oil from pans and pots into kitchen drain, oils harden in cold water and make clogs extra heavy to clean. Instead, after the cookware cools down to wipe it thoroughly with a paper towel and then wash.
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Clean Bathroom with good drainage, well maintained fixtures, no bad smells is a big deal.
The second location is your bathroom. Bathroom sink and shower drain is another area in your house where we see clogs the most.
Water pooling in the shower? Is the water standing in the sink?
Usually, home remedies not working with the clogs in the bathroom; clogs, there are more challenging and need professional attention.
If one or several drains are blocked that moght be a sign of a sewer drain blockage, read more about sewer drain clogs, or call emergency plumbing service to book sewer drain cleaning service now 416-881-6151.