Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Toronto Drain Services is a Toronto based Plumbing and Drain Cleaning company that ready to take calls 24 hours, seven days a week!
What services we do 24/7?
Toronto Drain Services provide any plumbing services, including but not limited to drain repair, and clearing blockages in sewer drain lines, water leakage prevention, frozen pipe, burst pipe fixing, toilet clog clearing, and more. Please call our office to check if we particular type of service 416-881-6151.
Should you call emergency Drain Company?
Our practice shows that many people consider emergency service, and no emergency service vary significantly in cost. And some prefer to wait till regular hours of operation for a technician to come out and do the service (sewer drain cleaning, drain camera inspection, or burst pipe fixing).

We would not agree as the difference is usually not that significant while if you have your sewer drain backing up into your basement, and sewage waters would stay in your basement for a little while it would cause much more harm to the house foundation, interiors, your health and discomfort than a hundred dollars. Contact our office to book emergency drain technician or emergency plumber now, or ask us your question 416-881-6151. We are here to help!
What to expect from 24/7 emergency service?
The point is to complete service fast, and make right from the first time. But quality comes first.

And many times it is matter of time as well. In some instances we do temporary solution as it not always possible to fix same day. Nevertheless we book next appointment the next day in the morning to finish the job we have started.