Water Supply Line

It is an ongoing issue for Ontario and the whole of Canada. Lead water supply lines that where installed have some advantages. Lead as a material, is easy to work with, durable, and cost-effective. But it has one major downside it releases lead into the water we consume.

Many Torontonians are concerned about tap water nourished with lead. And it is justified as lead cause number of health issues in adult and children.
Though, we would like to underline the importance of checking with local municipality if you live in a house that is 50 years plus about water supply lines.
The city of Toronto is already working on the replacement of lead pipes. However, the authorities cover the cost to replace only the city side of the water supply line. The private part of the water supply line is the responsibility of the homeowner.
It is essential to understand that when the city is replacing its side of the main water line, the damaged part and cuts will release even more lead into your tap water. The increase in lead concentration may go up to several times the acceptable standard by health Canada. It is recommended to replace water supply lines simultaneously.
Please, check the city of Toronto website to learn more about the program www.toronto.ca

Toronto Drain Services offer replacement of the residential part water supply line. We have completed quite many projects so far, and we can complete it in a short time, even when the project requires extensive digging.

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