sewer drain backup prevention.

Preventing Sewer Backflow With Backwater Valve

Massive Flooding in London, Ontario 2016. When the system if overflowing, residential houses often experience backflow from the sewer drain pipes. Backwater valve prevents sewage from entering the premises, though does not let wasterwater from the premises to flow into main drain either.
Ontario's cities figure in the list of the rainiest regions in Canada. Cities like London, Guelph, and Sudbury experience 168 days of precipitation on an average. In Toronto, the summer months are associated with high chances of precipitation. While the wettest season is in September, the months of May, June, August, and November also see significant amounts of rainfall.
In the City of Toronto, sewer backflow is a serious concern given the heavy downpours typically witnessed in the summer months and may call for an emergency plumber. The abundance of rain causes a backup of municipal sewer systems through residential sewer drains, thereby leading to a flooded basement. The other causes of basement flooding are poor drainage or drain blockage, plumbing leaks, and leaky foundations among others.

The Toronto basement flooding subsidy program is a government program that provides a subsidy of $3,400 to homeowners to take measures to prevent basement flooding. Owners of duplex, single-family, and triplex residential properties are eligible for this subsidy, which covers sump pump installation and takes care of capping or severing of pipe end and backwater valve installation.

What is backwater valve installation?
Backwater valve installation deals with installing a device called a backwater valve in your property's sewer line. This prevents sewage backflow to your basement from the municipal sewer line. Professional backwater valve installation keeps sewage backup at bay and prevents the sewage from coming out of other outlets, such as sinks, toilets, and showers.
The subsidy covers the backwater valve as well as backup power systems which avoid the possibility of any failure of the valve during a blackout. Toronto basement flooding subsidy program covers 80 percent of the invoiced costs of backwater valve installation, up to a maximum of $1,250.
It is also crucial to install an alarm for the backwater valve so that you are alerted when the device is activated. The activated backwater valve works to prevent sewer water from entering your basement and also does not let wastewater from the property infiltrate the sewer. The activated backwater valve also prevents sewer water from coming out of laundry tubs, showers, or sinks in the basement.

Hiring a licensed contractor
Entrusting backwater valve installation to professional drain cleaning and plumbing experts who are licensed to perform the installation in Toronto is important to ensure maximum protection.
Reputed emergency drain cleaning and plumbing experts utilize advanced technology, such as drain camera inspection, power flushing, hydro jetting and drain snaking to ensure a thorough sewer cleaning that prevents backups during heavy rainfall.