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What many homeowners never knew could damage the sewer line.

Not all ads are true, sometimes misleading information could cost homeowners thousands to fix sewer drain lines
One of the very common issues for homeowners in Toronto is sewer and drain clogs. And it is often associated with the misuse of the sewer drain line. Despite the wet wipes' advertisement to be flushable, the statement is incorrect and cause thousands of damages to the homeowners, municipalities, and taxpayers at the end.
Flushable wipes are a big problem for the sewer lines. They get clogged the sewer drain on one-two-three. It is 'flash able,' but it does not break in the cold water as toilet paper does. While toilet paper is made from thin layers of recycled paper and breaks apart easily, the flushable wipes are much tougher to break, and if it got soaked with fat and grease, it becomes hard and unbreakable. The sewer blockages and buildups with grease are insoluble in cold wastewaters and get sewer drains blocked easily and hard to snake.

The best solution to clear such blockage would be to do a power flusher, if it is safe to do so, depending on the sewer line condition that could be checked with the drain camera.

The other solution might be a drain line spot repair; depending on the length of the pipe that needs to be excavated and its depth is the location, we may offer drain line trenchless pipe repair (pipe burst). Or have the excavation being done as a traditional excavation method, pipe extraction, and replacement of the part of the sewer line with the new PVC pipe piece.

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