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What is the Best Drain Cleaning Option?

Plumbing pipes exude sewer gas when they become dry. This gas smells awfully bad and makes staying at home impossible. Sewer gas smell happens when drains' floor becomes dry. As long as water keeps flowing in the drain lines, no smell comes out. Another reason is decaying gunk and dirt inside the drain pipes. The second reason is more serious because it does not cause sewer gas smell only but also clogs the drain lines. Rotting residues and waste creates terrible sewer gas which contains ammonia, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. These gases are lethal and they start spreading in your home. You need to take immediate action to solve this problem.

Drain Camera Inspection Service

When you notice a sewer gas smell call drain camera inspection service to find out what is causing the smell. You can try pouring water in the drain lines to see if the pipes can drain easily. Dry drain lines would not stop water from flowing out. The sewer gas smell will cease after pouring water in the drain lines if the reason was dry drain floor. In case, there was a clog somewhere in the drain lines, the water would not flow out. At this point, you will get sure that you need a drain camera inspection service.

Call professional Toronto drain services for satisfactory cleaning. Unlicensed and inexperienced plumbers would charge you lesser but would not offer you quality services. So, do not rely upon claims of unprofessional plumbers. Search for professional drain cleaning services that you can depend on.

What is the Best Drain Cleaning Option?

If the source of sewer gas smell is rotting waste in the drain, a drain camera inspection service is the best way to know about the situation inside the drain line. A clogged drain is a serious problem in any home because it involves quite a much cleaning work. You never know what the camera drain inspection would reveal and what level of cleaning and unclogging your drain lines would require. So, here are three methods that are popular for drain cleaning, and your drain line may need any one of them.

Chemical drain cleaners are the simplest solution but need a careful choice of chemicals. Though you need to be careful with them, in most cases if that is able to dissolve the clog, it also can damage your drain system, moreover, it makes a great impact on the environment. So, use only safe chemicals.

Drain power flushing is an ideal solution when a water jet can push forward the waste inside the drain lines and unclog them. This method is practical for semi-hard clogs when a water jet can successfully break them and wash them away.

Drain snaking is using a metal cable for unclogging the drains. The cable passes through the drain pushing and cutting the waste accumulated inside. It successfully dismantles the clogging agent and opens the drain line for water drainage again.

When you notice a sewer gas smell in your home, call professional Toronto drain services. They will offer you a drain camera inspection service and apply a suitable method for solving the problem.