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Kitchen sink drain blockage is a nasty thing, our emergency drain relief services clear those this hassle fast and effective.
Kitchen drains often clog and no home is an exception. The dishwashing soap, grease, and food residues in the dishes join together in the drain line turns and block the way of waste water. A kitchen drain clog is the most common issue homes experience. Sometimes, it is easy for you to unclog the drain with some vinegar and baking soda when the blockage is not solid and cannot resist the reaction of soda mixed with vinegar. Other times, hot water unclogs the drain by softening oil and grease. However, drain line blockage can be a serious issue when already baking soda and hot water does not work especially at odd hours. In such situations, you could rely on Toronto drain cleaning company for emergency drain repair.

Should You Try Chemicals Open Kitchen Drain Clog

Some chemicals are popular for cleaning clogged drains. You may get tempted to use one of them to solve the untimely clog of your kitchen drain. Though it sounds like an easy, go-to fix, it can cause you more problems than making things easier. The drain lines can get damaged. The caustic cleaners cut everything that comes their way. It does not open the drain line blockage but also eats away the pipes. The pipe may not instantly dissolve all but becomes enough damaged to break and crack any time soon. You may get panicked seeing kitchen sink backup and would like to clean it as soon as possible. But it is not a wise decision because pipe corrosion is a problem much bigger than drain backup. So, avoid damaging the pipes and call emergency drain repair for a safer and efficient solution to your kitchen drain clog.

Effective and Safe Solution for Kitchen Sink Backup

Whether your drain lines are new and made of strong metal or plastic or they are old, using chemicals is not a wise option. A licensed Toronto drain cleaning company has safer solutions for unclogging your kitchen drain. Pouring chemicals in the drain blindly is an absolutely unpractical idea. The best option is to find out what is clogging the drain. The most common concept is that soap and food fats entangle together and block a drain. That is why the first thing that comes to your mind is to pour hot boiling water to dissolve fats and clean the drain. However, it is not always working.

You call a professional drain cleaning company for an efficient solution. They will insert the drain camera and find out the exact reason for the clog. If the drain camera shows drain line blockage because of dirt inside the drain lines, they use a water jet to push it forward and finally clean the line. Water jet is harmless for the existence and integrity of drain lines.

The benefit of hiring the services of the Toronto drain cleaning company is that they provide drain line repair and replacement also if the reason for backup is drain breakage. Repairing pipes is a long-lasting solution you can trust. So, always call licensed professionals for emergency drain repair and do not use chemicals to unclog the kitchen drain clog!