Tips for Homeowners.

Tree Root Clog Repair and Preventing Tree Root Intrusion

Underground drain lines can clog because of tree roots. Big trees spread their roots under the ground all around. When the roots grow strong, they crack the drain lines and keep extending. Tree root intrusion is damaging for the drain lines. The inner hollow part of the drain becomes narrow. Hence water cannot flow freely like before. Sometimes the roots make multiple extensions inside the drain and clog the inner path of the water completely. The problem persists until you can't use your bathrooms and kitchen and you have to call Toronto Drain Services.

Drain Line Tree Root Blockage

What should you do when your home experiences drain line tree root blockage? When you make sure that the drain blockage in your home is because of tree root intrusion, immediately call Toronto Drain Services. Even if you are not sure that the drain clog is because of trees in your yard or close to your yard, you need professional plumbers to diagnose the reason for the drain clog. The professional plumbers use drain cameras to identify the blocking object. This exact diagnosis can make their work easy as they can target the roots with the proper drain unclogging method. They perform the process of tree root clog repair through hydro jetting if the intrusion is minimal, or through trenchless drain repair if the drain line is no more functional because of heavy tree root intrusion.

Trenchless Drain Repair

Professional plumbers can apply trenchless drain repair methods once they have mechanically cleaned the sewer lines. They install a flexible, epoxy-saturated tube into the drainage pipes. The epoxy tube becomes hard inside and forms a new strong pipe inside the old damaged line. If the old pipe is cracked and damaged because of tree root intrusion, the new line inside it seals the damage completely. There remain no issues of leakage after the repair work is completed.

The new liner is flexible. It navigates around the bends, diameter changes, and plumbing connections. After becoming hard, it is hundred percent solid and safe. It blocks out all the old problems and forms a new structure inside the old drains.

Once you have installed the new pipeline, you are free from further drain repair work for 50 years. The function of the entire drain remains smooth and problem-free.

Preventing Tree Root Intrusion

You can prevent drain line root clogging. First of all, do not plant trees where there are drain lines. Secondly, build barriers between pipes and trees if the existence of trees is eminent close to the drain lines. You can build the barricades with metal or wood if that is more feasible. Otherwise, using chemical growth inhibitors near their sewer lines is also a widely used solution. Thirdly, make a double barrier by applying both methods to ensure a hundred percent safety from drain line tree root blockage.

Tree root clog repair can be a long and costly process. So, try to be careful when you plant bushes and trees around your underground drainage system. Prevention is better than treatment. So, search for some plants that have lesser deep roots that grow slowly and do spread around wildly.

Some good examples of trees that have small roots are Cornus kousa (dogwood) and Cornus florida, Malus (crabapple), Acer palmatum (Japanese and laceleaf maple), or Albizzia (mimosa).