Hydro Jetting
What is it power washer, use and interesting facts.
Hydro Jetting is a process of flushing drains with Power Washer Machine. It is a tool to clean clogs with pressurized water stream. A Power Washer machine pressurises water to up to 3500Psi and washes clog away, with the stream strong enough to cut through tree roots, small to medium objects and to remove grease, calcium build-ups, which is one of the most toughest clogs to clean. It is most effective tool to clear clogs and apparently very gentle to your drain system.

Pressure Washer machines are relatively new to Canadian market especially to the use of it on residential properties, of course those models have less power than comercial water pressure machines.
However for damaged or broken pipes, power washing can create the lines to become harmed additionally. This is why a video camera inspection is necessary before proceeding with hydro jetting.
Hot water high pressure machines were used primarly for cleaning surfaces from tough stains such as grease or paint. There differnt nozzles used for creating different hot water pressured streams depending on the use of machinery. Though in our industry we use water pressure machines with much less pressure to not damage drainage system.
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