Drain Backups? Don't Panic - we know how to fix it.

Our plumbing experts are friendly, and knowledgeable professionals with all of the right answers to every drain question you may have. We are happy to give out advice on your sewer problem and provide camera inspection showing your drain problem from the inside.

As the top Drain company in Toronto; we understand how drainage system works better and we know how to assess any situation quickly and cost-effective, and our main goal is to protect your house while providing you with the best quality possible.
We know everything about sewer system in your house whether it was newly built or 100 years old. Our experienced technicians complete hundreds of sewer drain projects a year. Providing professional, reliable and guaranteed service anywhere in Toronto and GTA. Whether you need sewer line or drain installed or repaired, tree roots blockage cleared, or other drain problem - we've got it covered. We take care of your main drain problem right away with our 24/7 emergency drain service crew, we service any part of Toronto.

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Why people choose us?
No hidden fees
The price is usually customized for drain services, but no extra charges. We discuss price before proceeding with the job, also we provide you with a hard or electronic copy of the estimate - after it is signed by our representative and marked 'paid in full' it is a legal receipt for the service.
Customer Service is our Priority
We value our customers and treat them and the property with a respect. We provide free courses for our employers for customer relationship management.
We provide Warranty
For all major services, we provide a written warranty on labor. It is a section in our invoice, where we state a number of years for warranty.
High Quality Materials
We use top brand materials for completing drain services and performing all drain repairs. Call our office to learn more about brands we trust.
Top of the line
As a leaders in the Industry, we value our reputation and most of our work is referrals.
We do payment Plans
For major jobs we accept payment plans with 15% deposit. For more information please call our office 416-455-5554
We accept cash, EMT, credit card payments, cheques
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Frequently asked questions and answers
How much should you expect to pay for a drain technician service call?
It is free of charge.
Does your company have a licence and insurance?
Yes, please refer to the section "licence and Insurance"
Could a customer to provide materials for a drain repair service?
Of course. Let us know if you prefer to provide materials for your drain repair. We advice to inform us before we signed the contract and set a contract price so we could substract materials from total.
How long does it take to replace main drain?
It depends on complexity of the job and size of the area that needs be excavated, on average to replace piece of the drain takes about 1,5-2 work days.
Could we use toilet or sink when we have blockage in our main drain line?
Yes, you technically could, but it would cause drain backups which would make more damage. It is advised to minimize usage and call specialists to unclog the drain line.
If you still got more questions, you are welcome to give us a call
416-455-5554 or email us at drain.toronto@gmail.com , we would answer your questions within 24 hours online or get back to you via phone immidiately.
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We would get in touch with you within 24 Hours, assess the situation, take measurements if nesessary.
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