Main line failure, how to detect, prevent and things to consider.

Basement Flooding Protection devices( Backwater Valve and Sump Pump)
When drain mend is necessary and first response to drain blockage.

If you would like to know more about inners of your home sweet home, please read it. Homeowner usually happens to repair sewer drain line once or twice in 50 years, however, it all depends on many factors. *These numbers are average.
Drain repair is a process of repairing or changing part of the sewer drain due to various issues. Most common of them are tree root intrusion, grease or mineral build ups, blockage from foreign object
(things like wet wipes, cotton swabs, diapers ans etc. do not break down in the water and cause blockages in the main drain pipe if flushed), and aging problem.

If the basement drain backups sewer waters (common occurence during heavy rainfalls), that does not mean main pipe needs repair. Also two things may happen during rain: sump pump failure, if there is too much water coming from outside or city drain system is overflowing and you do not have Backflow Valve installed at your house.

How would you know if something is wrong with the main drain line?
-After using water in your house wastewaters back-up in your basement.

What does every homeowner need to know?
- First of all, we recommend stopping using water or even better close shut off valve to stop water supply to your house. In order to prevent any accidental usage of the water and consiquental damage to the property.

Second of all, call a licensed and insured plumber to assess the situation, we advise to do it asap, as
- Second of all, call emergency drain company to access the situation.The faster you react than less water damage to your property.

- Third of all, if the water is coming from the city sewer line which happens often during heavy rainfalls, be ready to call insurance within 24 hours to notify about your damages and get them covering costs for you.