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What Is A Backwater Valve And Why Do You Need It

A Backwater Valve is a simple solution for some grave problems. The dirty water and raw sewage usually flow in the drain lines outside your home to the municipal sewer system. The out-flow of sewage remains smooth because the drain lines are installed slightly angled downwards to ensure the exit of sewage from your home. However, surge in the municipal sewer because of heavy rains the water back is pushed back in the drain lines into your bathrooms and kitchen. This situation is extremely unpleasant and you need backwater valve installation in your plumbing system to stop the water flow backward.

What Is A Backwater Valve

You must be wondering what is a backwater valve? It is also called a sewer backup or backflow valve and is installed in the drain pipes. It is a simple device that allows the water to flow in one direction only and in case of water surge, the valve shuts the flow backward. The parts of a building that are at a lower level like the basement of the ground floor suffer from sewer drain backup especially when you flush the toilets on the second floor or when heavy rains fall and water levels rise. Although it is a simple device, it can save you from the most unpleasant experience in your bathroom or kitchen. All new homes with modern plumbing networks have backwater valve installation in all the low-lying drain lines. So, you are safe from the flow of dirty water backward. But, if something has stuck in the drain and the valve is not functioning properly, you will need to inspect the valve or even inspect the entire drain line. The service you will require is a drain camera inspection.

Backwater Valve Installation

Whether you are installing a new valve in your home or pairing an already existing backwater valve, permission from your local municipality is required. A qualified licensed technician should cut an opening in the solid floor, ordinarily close to the floor channel. They will burrow down to the primary sewer line, cut out a bit, and replace it with the new valve. These valves always have an unmistakable top so you can check whether it is working precisely. There is a top that you remove for cleaning.

Rebate For Backwater Valve

If you want to install a new backwater valve or replace the old one, you need a permit from the municipal government before starting repair or backwater valve installation. If you hire licensed plumbers, they would do the whole job more professionally. Often citizens contact plumbers from the list available with the municipality government. Installing a new backwater valve can be a costly process. However, you can seek a rebate for the backwater valve. This can help you get all that you need to protect your home like flood protection devices, backwater valves, etc.

Toronto backwater valve subsidy program offers relief to the citizens. This program is inclusive of an 80 percent cost of installations and preparations. If your home is eligible for this, you will get this relief from the municipality. After the installation of a backwater valve, your home will stay safe from flooding and the backward flow of sewage water in the drain lines.


The Backwater Valve is a necessary device for your basement in the first place and your ground portion in some cases. This valve averts the sewage water from returning home and overflowing in bathrooms and kitchen. Toronto backwater valve subsidy program helps citizens install necessary devices and correct their home plumbing to stay safe during heavy rains.