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Ensuring Smooth Flow: Dealing with Sewer Pipe Blockages with Expert Insights

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Clay sewer line replacement and repair services in Toronto and GTA.
A sewer pipe blockage is the last thing you want to happen inside your home because it disrupts the flow of other drainages and causes an unbearable foul smell. Sometimes the smaller problem can escalate to an extent that can cause a major disaster and lead to property damage as well as massive sewage backup. However, there is no need to worry because, with expert guidance, you will know what to do in such circumstances and the things you need to look out for to avoid such unfortunate circumstances.

Why do you face frequent sewer pipe blockages?

Several reasons result in sewer clogs, and we will investigate them. One of the major culprits in sewer blockages is the accumulation of grease, hair, and soap scup over time. With time, these things add up together and reach a stage where it completely blocks the sewage line. It can be confirmed with the help of a drain camera inspection. Initially, when the sewer clog is about to happen the water flow will decrease, and days after the sewage will be completely blocked. It frequently takes place in basement sewer lines.

In addition to that above, many other reasons lead to a sewage clog. One other reason is tree root intrusion, which frequently happens in clay sewer lines. The clay sewer lines are joined with the help of concrete. With time the concrete weakens, and tree roots enter the sewer line. It acts as a filter, and a time comes when the filter becomes clogged, and hence it leads to sewage blockage.

Expert insights to help in Preventing Sewage Blockage:

Timely Maintenance: A great habit of maintaining the ideal plumbing care is to carry out regular maintenance of your home. It isn't just restricted to the plumbing section of your home, it goes for everything. The concept behind regular maintenance is to find out issues with your home and get it fixed on time. Regular maintenance can detect smaller plumbing issues so that you can resolve them on time and not allow them to become bigger issues that will not only be difficult to tackle but also will be quite heavy on your pockets. Bringing timely maintenance into practice will not only prevent blockages but will also increase the life of your overall plumbing system.

Proper Waste Disposal: Disposing of waste properly can fix half of your problem. Most of the time, there is no external factor that is responsible for the blockage of your sewerage. The food that shouldn't go into your drainage is what causes the blockage. Suppose you have made yourself food and some particle of the food remains on the plate. Now if you just wash it like this, the particles of food will go into the drainage. After repeating this constantly, you will come across a drain blockage after some time. As a result, it's always best to dispose of such food particles properly. Have a small plastic bag set up beside the sink, and dispose of any hard particles in it. In addition to this, you may also place a small filter on your sinkhole to prevent objects from going down the sink. Moreover, you should also make sure that excessively greasy objects should not go directly into the sink.

The same rule applies to your bathrooms too. You should make sure not to flush any non-biodegradable object down the toilet because it will cause a sewer pipe blockage at some point.

Protecting sewage pipes:

Protection of your sewage pipes can also make a difference. It is because sometimes external factors also lead to pipe blockage and cause much bigger problems. One of the external problems is the tree root intrusion problem. It is important to note that the roots of the trees extend in the direction where there is moisture or water. To reach the source of water, these tree roots can penetrate the pipes through small cracks that lead to blockages as well as structural damage. As a result, it is best to call up a root management company and get rid of those roots.

Adopting Chemical-Free Solutions: Using chemical-free solutions is not only good for the environment but also for your plumbing system. Chemical Cleaners that are harsh or very strong can provide you with a quick solution, but they tend to damage the plumbing system in the long run.

What are some professional solutions?

Hydro jetting can be one professional solution. It involves very high water pressure to faster the cleaning process. It helps in cleaning sewer lines as well as blockages within minutes. Stubborn debris is removed, and the interior walls of the pipes are cleaned to prevent any future buildup on them.

However, most of the time it's a minor blockage that is causing a problem and, it can be cleared with the help of DIY methods such as a Plunger or Drain Snakes. However, if you have no time, then it's always best to call up a drain cleaning company. It's because they have equipment such as a drain inspection camera that can identify the area of problem and get the issue fixed in lesser time.


Sewer line blockages can disrupt daily life routines and cause problems for homeowners. Once you get to know about the cause, it will be easy for you to prevent blockages in the future. Moreover, adopting good plumbing habits, such as regular maintenance, etc can also help you in preventing such issues in the future. However, if you come across a blockage, it's better to call a sewage company to get the job done instead of taking care of it yourself. There will be many Toronto drain repair companies near you that might be of great help. To save more time, you can also opt for the emergency drain pipe repair service.