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What is the Purpose of Cleanout?

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Cleanouts come in various designs to suit the location you need to install them. Don't forget to ask drain company to install one when you are making sewer line upgrade!
Some things seem to be extra by the look of them. We consider them unnecessary because they were not part of life around us in the past. This can be true about anything in our homes and streets. Check your garden and home, and you will see some recently made changes which were not there a while ago. The purpose of new inventions is to improve living quality. Cleanout is one example!

Cleanout is shaped like a nut with a simple design and features. But it plays a vital role in your home's drain's proper functioning, especially the part responsible for the sewer water drainage. Homeowners with some experience in drain cleaning must be aware of how important a cleanout is. You can find additional info here while we elaborate a little about this simple yet handy drain essential.

A Cleanout is More Helpful

Sewer line blockage happens at the most unfortunate points of the drain line. The sewer line under the ground is long and has many turns, connections, and splits. Finding the location of a clog and its efficient cleaning can be challenging if the pipe has too many turns or is out of reach. Imagine the situation inside the underground drain lines where residues develop hidden from our sight and cause a blockage in the pipes. Anyone would be anxious to have a peep inside the sewer line to know what happened. Nothing works except drain camera inspection, which is the only method to get sure of the clog location. A cleanout helps in this process!

Unfortunate are homes where cleanout installation is not a part of the plumbing plan. However, do not worry if your home is one of them. You can always install a drain cleanout and make your drain system efficient. Drain cleaning can be a daunting task without a cleanout. Either toilet removal helps drain cleaning or snaking via plumbing net opens the drain. Unfortunately, the success rate in both cases is not as high as in cleaning the drain line through a cleanout, which gives access to the most hard-to-reach places.

Essential Cleanouts for Your Home

Do you think you need cleanout installation only outside your home? No, not only outside but inside, too. Many plumbing fixtures inside your home have plumbing traps. These are U-shaped drain pipes designed to hold water to prevent harmful gases and foul odors from entering your home. Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets have these plumbing traps. U-shaped drain pipes are more vulnerable to clogs because of their shape.

Dirty water contains chemicals from washing detergents, mud from laundry, and minerals from hard water, which clog the drain after these residues develop in a large amount. Occasionally, small objects fall by mistake in the drain and do not pass through the U-shaped turns. A cleanout installed at a plumbing trap is the only best way for hassle-free drain cleaning in such situations.

A different type of cleanout is available for outside home drain cleaning. The central drain line can also suffer from a clog, and cleaning it can be a severe problem if it does not have a cleanout. Drain specialist can install it at the main drain line outside your home. The cleanout is installed at the drain line, but it has a cap above the ground which is easy to open for snaking the pipe.

For colder climates, the outdoor cleanout is in the basement. You may have heard of basement drain backup or have experienced one. It is a nightmare for any homeowner because it ruins the basement area, especially the furniture, walls, and flooring. If heavy rains or other objects cause main sewer line blockage, the sewer water doesn't exit your home, and backup happens in the basement. You can easily overcome the basement drain backup by installing a backwater valve.

Types of Cleanouts in Market

Cleanouts come in various designs to suit the location you need to install them. We discussed above the cleanouts you need inside, your home, and outside. Here, you will briefly describe drain pipes' types of cleanouts.

Test-Tee cleanout: This cleanout connects to the sewer line at a 90-degree angle. That is why they are called tee cleanouts.

Double cleanout: This two-way cleanout allows you to drain snaking from both directions. It is the most popular one because of its ease of use.

Single cleanouts: These are also called one-way cleanouts. It allows drain cleaning in one direction only. Your plumber can tell you where it helps the drain line better.

Sewer line blockage is a serious problem that can make anyone worried and stressed. Preparing for it in advance would be best to save yourself from unnecessary hassle. Ask your nearest Toronto drain service to give their professional advice on installing a cleanout at a strategically important point in your home's drain line.

When to Call Toronto Drain Service

The first warning sign to call a drain service is when you notice a sewer smell around a drain opening in your home. The sewer smell indicates dirt built up in the sewer lines. Hence, the used water cannot flow out quickly, and the condition worsens quickly. You may try to pour hot water plunge the drain to push the clog toward the civic sewer system and exit the drain line. It sometimes helps when the clog is not very stubborn.

It would be wise of you if you did not give in to someone's advice about using chemicals. If the clog in the drain does not budge from its place and the flow of water outwards remains comparatively slower, do not wait further but call the drain service you trust.

The point to remember in such a situation is not to wait for a clogged drain to call a plumber. The sewer smell from a drain point is enough to send alert signs. It would help if you acted fast. Wise people always recommend solving a problem before it gets worse. So, do not ignore the sewer smell even if it is light because usually, there should be no sewer smell exuding from a drain opening. We are just a call away. So, contact us, and we will give you the best service in town.