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Replacing Old Sewer Clay Pipes in Toronto Homes

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You better consider sewer line replacement when the clay pipes in your home give up. It will keep you safe for years from facing drain line issues.
Your home is your castle, your little empire. This fantastic place means all the safety and comfort you need. Taking care of this abode ensures its longevity and peace of mind. One of the most important systems a home has is its plumbing system. As far as the water flow in and out is smooth, you enjoy living. You may not feel that until a disaster hits, God forbid. If the drainage suddenly blocks or a pipe gets cracked, you realize how comfortable it is to be living without drain issues. Sewer line blockage becomes frequent in older homes. The reason contributes to clay pipes which were widely used in the 70s and 80s. Unfortunately, many homes are still keeping those clay pipes under the ground, but problems occur in the form of cracks and blockage quite often.

A Happy Home Means Functional Drain System

You would agree on this point. Happy living greatly depends on a functional drain system. Using bathrooms and kitchen sink with no worries is a great ease. Finding running water at every hour of the day and seeing the dirt disappearing in the drain is all we need to call our plumbing functional. There are two ways to achieve that level of comfort.

One is to keep following the strict rules of drain safety by not letting the stuff slip down the drains, which leads to sewer line blockage. You can do that by preventing scrapes of food, stiff tissue papers, pet or hum hairs, or grease enter the drain. These things block the pipes from inside, and water cannot flow out.

The second is to call Toronto Drain Services as soon as you notice signs of sewer line blockage like slow water drainage or foul odor rising from the drain. They will do the necessary to unblock the drain lines. The sewer water will flow out without leaving any unpleasant traces like a foul odor. Call the service guys to carry out a drain camera inspection. The camera will give a picture of the inside drain pipes' condition, which will help them to clean the drain line before it completely gets blocked. These methods keep your home's drain line functional throughout the time you live there.

Clay Drain Pipes Cause Problems Overtime

Clay pipes were used in older homes when plastic pipes were not yet on the market. Though they were a brilliant idea in those days when no alternatives were available, they would cause problems over time. If you have clay pipes in your home, consider drain line replacement because now or later, they will cause problems. Clay pipes are susceptible to root intrusion. So, if you have trees in your yard, their roots can spread far and deep under the ground in search of water. These can crack the clay pipes and enter inside. With time they grow and form a nest-like structure in the pipe cavity. This structure blocks water from flowing.

Clay pipes are low-tensile, which makes them vulnerable to pressure. Soil keeps moving, but we do not feel it. Soil movement can increase pressure on certain areas under the ground. If the pressure happens to be on a place where clay pipes are spread under the ground, they can crack because of their low-tensile feature. A broken pipe creates problems, and sometimes it completely blocks the water pathway, especially when soil enters the pipe from the crack blocking it entirely. So, you can see that clay drain line replacement is an important step that can save you from a lot of trouble.

Clay Drain Repair is a Temporary Solution

You can request Toronto drain Services to perform a clay drain repair when your clay pipes crack or burst. This is a comparatively cheaper solution than a complete replacement. However, it is not long-lasting. Though repair sounds less hectic, it is not recommended. Clay drain repair cannot protect the whole clay pipes from remaining safe from further cracks. Another crack at a different point may occur, requiring more clay drain line repair service. So, doesn't it sound more affordable to go for the replacement option once and all?

You better consider sewer line replacement when the clay pipes in your home give up. It will keep you safe for years from facing drain line issues. You need a drain camera inspection from a professional drain service company. They will give you the best quote and plan a fool-proof solution for your home's old clay drain pipes. Clay pipe replacement is the most reliable option for today's happy home life. Your old home becomes more valuable and comfortable when you experience living with a modern plumbing system.

Clay Drain Line Replacement is an Ideal Solution

Why drain line replacement is an ideal solution? The new pipes are now on the market. They are made of synthetic material, making them more durable and reliable. PVC pipes and PEX pipes are high-tensile; they do not rust and allow smooth water flow. You experience trouble-free plumbing at home with these new technology-based pipes in your home.

High-pressure water flows unhindered in PVC and PEX pipes, so you do not worry that the pipes will not handle the flow when water pressure increases. Above all, they are not expensive. However, before deciding anything, the best thing is to consult Toronto drain services to get a clear picture of your home's needs. The underground pipes may not show to you, but professionals know their network under the ground. By drain camera inspection, they will determine the conditions of the pipes inside out. The ideal solution for the existing and potential problems will be drain line replacement.

What Does Drain Line Replacement Include

Maybe drain line replacement sounds too hectic to many residents of Toronto. If you are also feeling anxious about this process, we assure you that it is a hassle-free procedure. As far as you hire professionals, you do not worry about clay drain repair, drain line replacement, sewer line blockage.