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What to Do When You Have Drain Blockage

Drains work 24/7 in any building. Their smooth function is crucial for commercial centers, homes, offices, public places, and everywhere there are people. Drain blockage can disrupt the cycle of daily chores. Blockage happens because of the accumulation of too much dirt, debris, and scum in the drains. Sometimes external factors like an object accidentally falling in the drain can clog drains. But this accidental blockage is rare. More often the drain blockage is the result of excessive use. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential to keep the drains open for the easy flow of used water.

Regular Drain Maintenance

Regular drain cleaning is a part of cleaning services a building receives. However, drains may block despite this regular cleaning. The experienced maintenance experts advise proper professional drain cleaning services every short period depending on the use. Buildings where a large number of people are active 24/7 like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc. need drain cleaning more often. Many large public buildings need drain line repair also frequently because heavy load of exiting water over burdens the drain lines and they need repair to continue functioning smoothly. Toronto is a large city and you can find excellent Toronto Drain Services for all sorts of drain cleaning and repair.

If you are living in Toronto, don't wait for the drains of your home to ring the bell of alarm. Call professional plumbers from reputable Toronto Drain Services. It is always good to act beforehand and ensure that drains are open and clean. So, if you are living in a home since a while, check the drains all over the house and test their function. In this way you may save yourself from a bigger drain clog in near future.

Does My Home Have Clogged Drains?

You can observe some strange signs a few days before complete drain blockage happens. The debris formulate in the drains from soaps and shampoo. Kitchen sink washes down food scraps which together with the scum of washing detergents form a block. If only one drain line at home gets clogged, it affects the other drains also. Sewage drain backup in the bathroom can make your life impossible if another drain in the kitchen gets clogged. But, before the big disaster, you can anticipate a drain blockage.

Here are some signs that can signal you to take an action fast and hire some professional Toronto Drain Services.

1. Foul Smell

When water does not exist the drains fast, they stink. The dirt is left behind because of the slow water flow; they become stagnant and exude unpleasant odor. If you observe unbearable, bad smell circulating your bathroom and entering your bedroom, immediately conclude that drains need cleaning. If you delay the cleaning sewage drain backup can happens which is even worse than just the bad smell.

2. Aged Drain Lines

Old drain lines develop rust. Rust hinders smooth exit of dirty water. If you experience slow water exist or sewage drain backup, consider drain line repair or replacement.

3. Waste or other Objects

If you accidently drop any object or some waste falls in the drain, don't wait further to call Toronto Drain Services.

Emergency Drain Repair

Unexpected drain blockage is a disaster that can ruin your day. You need to call plumbers for the emergency situation as soon as possible. If you had not noticed any above-mentioned sign, you may wonder what can possibly block the drain. Do not worry, professional plumbers perform drain camera inspection to find out what has blocked the out-flow of dirty water. They can see where is the blockage with drain camera inspection and perform focused cleaning. As soon as they remove the reason of the blockage, water exits.