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What to Do after a Drain Backup in Your Home

Nothing is more frustrating than entering your basement and seeing dirty water spreading on the floor. You desperately try to unclog the drain with a plunger but it does not work. Here you realize that your home has a sewer line clog. You need Toronto Drain Services to clean the drains. But before you call the plumbers you have to do a few things. Here is a list:

  • Turn Off Electricity: The first thing you should do is to turn off the electric supply to the basement. If the main circuit breaker is in the basement, take extra care.
  • Turn Off Clean Water Supply: Turn off the main water supply of your home. Do not wash anything or use the bathrooms until the main drain blockage is cleared.
  • Wear Protective Gear: The water gathered is from drain backup. Before proceeding to rescue your valuables, wear protective gear like a facemask, eyeglasses, rubber gloves, and long rubber shoes. Don't let the sewer water touch you.
  • Empty the Basement: Quickly remove the electronics and other furniture items from the flooded area. Water damages everything let alone the sewage water.
  • Let in the Fresh Air: Open the windows and doors to give the bad air from inside a passage to escape.
  • Disinfect the Sewer Water: If you have chlorine bleach, add some of it to the standing sewer water to disinfect it.

Sewer line clog needs professional plumbers. The drain lines clog for more than one reason. The drain may clog and backup because of floods or pipe damage or soil settlement or tree roots or any other reason out of your control. You cannot clean the main drain blockage alone. So, call Toronto Drain Services to diagnose the problem and find an appropriate solution for it.

Instead of resorting to chemicals or other methods to unclog the sewer line clog, get professional plumbers. It is always a clever idea to avoid a DIY cleaning of the main drain backup because you don't have the proper apparatus to discover the actual reason behind the clog. So, any operation for cleaning the drain would fail without addressing the real cause.

The expert advice of plumbers includes a few tips for homeowners after a sewer line clog. If you follow their advice, you may not face drain backup anytime soon. Here is what you should keep in mind:

Cut the root of trees growing close to your drain pipe.

Install a backwater valve in your main sewer line to let the dirty water flow out and not turn back in the pipe into your home. You can install one valve in the basement drain pipe as well because basement drain pipes are more susceptible to fail in draining the water outside the home.

Always check your main drain pipes to know their strength and durability. If you find they are old and may get damaged anytime soon, call Toronto Drain Services to replace the old ones with new strong pipes.

Never dispose of papers or grease in the drain. These may lead to sewer line clog.

Main drain backup cleaning is part of regular home service. So, don't panic when you face a similar problem at home. Just contact professional plumbers and they will restore your home drain system perfectly well.