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French Drain Installation for a Dry Foundation and Basement

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Proper drainage at your front and backyard could be achieved by a smart drainage solutions - french drain and catch basin installation.
Are you worried about water damaging your home foundation? Go for a weeping tile or a french drain to save your home from runoff water. It is a simple solution though it needs some time to build the trench and prepare it to install a pipe that allows water to flow away from your home. A French drain is a great solution that does not fail once you install it properly. With some planning before installation, you can make the whole process hassle-free and successful. Once you complete the job, you will see that water flows away from your home and does not get absorbed in the foundation.

Prepare for a Cleaner Environment

You think right if you plan a french drain installation next to your home wall. Water pooling in the vicinity of your home ruins your landscape and becomes a safe breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests. Another serious issue that you may have considered is your foundation's safety. Water can seep into your foundation, creating more devastation than you can imagine.

A French drain installation is a right decision for the safety of your home and surroundings. It is simple, though it needs some strategic planning before you get started. So, here is a list of some basic facts to keep in mind while planning a proper solution for backyard drainage.

Check where you will place the outlet of your drain. When moving the drainage away from your home, do not let it drain to someone else's property.

It is a good idea to connect your drain to any state system where water will smoothly find its way to its planned destination but contact the local authorities before and take their permission for that.

Check your homeowner's rules if you live in a rented property and local zoning laws to plan the whole french drain installation under the available regulations.

If you have neighbors close by, check if they have already installed a French drain and benefit from their experience.

French Drain Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Backyard drainage is not a big problem if you install a French drain, but it can be a nuisance if you don't. The standing water after rain is not an eye-soothing sight. French drain installation can be the best solution to all these problems if you do it correctly. A few simple mistakes in the installation process can convert into severe issues after the completion. We list here a few mistakes you should avoid.

Do not just place the drain line without checking the slope direction of the land, or you will face the issue of a clogged french drain. Water flows towards low areas. Your drain line should be placed on a slope to allow easy exit of water. It would help to carefully examine the land slope area before planning the drain line placement.

Do not choose just any rocks for the bedding of the drain line. The stones are crucial in making the whole drainage system a success. Gravel stone is the best and most convenient, you could buy it at the local hardware store.

Do not just go for a French drain without fully understanding your local zoning laws of the drainage system. Imagine what you may face if you place your French drain and break some local zoning laws.

The above three mistakes can be deadly for all the hard work you put into installing a French drain line. Your time has value, and you can avoid these mistakes without a deeper study of local zoning laws or the land slope. Call Toronto Drain Services and benefit from their experience.

Weeping Tiles Installation for Keeping Your Foundation Dry

Standing water is not safe for your home foundation. After rain or when the snow melts, water pooling around your home can be an alarming sign. One of the effective ways to give this standing water a way to flow away from your property is the installation of a weeping tile. That preferably should be done by a reputable drainage contractor to avoid costly mistakes.

The function of weeping tiles is to move the water that seeps into your home's foundation away so that the foundation stays dry. If you keep the foundation dry, you increase its life. In the past, in the 19th century, weeping tiles were actually clay terracotta tiles. But now, modern technology has introduced a new round shape weeping tile that does not look like a tile but functions similarly. It has holes in it for letting the water in. A four-inch-wide weeping tile is usually the suitable size for homes in Toronto. But after a while, you may experience a clogged weeping tile because of the soil and fine gravel that go inside with the water.

An essential part of a weeping tile is its vertical part that is installed at the base of your window well. The water gathering in the window well from rains or melting snow goes down the weeping tile away from your basement, keeping your foundation dry and basement safe. You need to maintain it regularly to avoid a clogged weeping tile. The best way is to call professional Toronto drain services for any service you need.

How to Open a Clogged French Drain

A clogged french drain results from clay granules and soil that enter the drain with the water. Over time, they gradually build up to form a solid body clogging the water path. It is not difficult to unclog the French drain. You can use a pressure washer to send water down the drain. The drain is open if you see water flowing out from the drain outlet.

Weeping tile is incredibly effective because it lets the water in over its entire length. The water then keeps flowing down into the soil. Call Toronto drain services whenever you feel you have a clogged weeping tile. They will unclog it, and it will start functioning again. If you avail of professional French drain installation services, you will enjoy better drain functionality.