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Clogged Drain? Call Drain Cleaning Company

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Plumbing and drains are essential things in our houses, to keep it running smoothly we need to maintain that free flow of water. Do not let backups ruin your and your family's daily routine.
Drain cleaning is a tricky job that needs specific equipment and expertise. The important fact to consider here is that every drain line eventually needs cleaning and maintenance. Without this regular service, the drain line becomes a source of problems. The line can get blocked, have an unpleasant odor, or even break from soil pressure or tree roots under the ground. So, no escape from this job! You need a professional drain cleaning company to clean and maintain the sewage line in your home.

What Creates Problem in Drain Lines?

Even if you are sure that the drain line is intact because it is safe from pressure and tree roots under the ground, you can never be sure that it is fully clean from gunk, slime, and other types of debris that form in the sewage lines. Once the drain has a lot of waste, it gets clogged, and water cannot flow smoothly.

Apart from the usual dirt, foreign objects also cause drain blockage. For example, a kid's toy, disposable towels, or feminine hygiene products fall in the drain line and do not get flushed. In this case, the water does not low out or flows very slowly, which causes drain backup. In both cases, hydro jetting drains can help if the clog is not too stubborn or if the blockage is not because of a solid object stuck in the drain line.

Grease and oil also clog the drain. So, if you pour any leftover grease or cooking oil into the kitchen drain, your drain line will not function efficiently. Also, petrol, liquid paints, diesel, and other thick liquids form a barrier inside the sewage line. Therefore, they do not move outwards with the regular water flow inside the drain lines. In all the above conditions, only a power flushing drain line will help the sewage system to get back to normal function.

Hydro Jetting Drains is Essential

When you feel a terrible odor coming from your drain pipes or the water flows out slowly, you need to call a nearby drain cleaning company for a drain camera inspection. This is the most efficient way to find out the blockage and its location. Some people use chemicals as a quick and cheap solution for unclogging drain lines, but it would be better not to go for this option. Chemicals are inefficient for some clogs, and they also damage the pipes.

After drain camera inspection, you will know that hydro jetting drains is the most effective solution for many reasons. First of all, it is clean and leaves no mess. Secondly, the water jet blasts the debris and pushes the dirt out. Thirdly, a power flushing drain line is a harmless process that keeps the pipes intact and safe from damage. Lastly, it is the longest-lasting drain cleaning option because the powerful water jet does not leave anything clinging to the inner walls of the drain pipes.