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Why Using Chemical Agents is Not Good for Bathroom Cleaning or Drain Unclogging

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Gentle cleaning for clogged drain line would be drain snaking, harsh chemicals may dissolve the blockage, however, if it stays in the pipe for too long it would damage it too.
Do you love to see your toilet squeaky clean? If you do, you must always be enticed to use chemical bathroom cleaning agents for a quick result. Attractive advertisements allure you to trust those chemicals and use them for cleaning sinks, bathtubs, showers, bathroom tiles, or even clogged drains. However, cleaning chemicals are not that super active or even solutions for your bathroom dirt issues. They leave dangerous impacts on all the things they touch, and shortly you see damage becoming apparent all over the place, let alone the toxic fumes that fill the air when you use them.

Why chemicals are bad

Chemicals are harmful for use in household cleaning because they are toxic. An agent commonly found in drain opening solutions is lye. Do you know what it is? When used in closed environments, it is a lethal chemical that damages skin and eyes. It creates fumes that get mixed with the air, and you can inhale them. The fumes are also bad for your eyes and skin. Now, imagine using lye-mixed cleaning agents again and again to clean your bathroom and kitchen sink. Don't you think it is a slow process of spreading toxins in your home environment and endangering yourself and your family, especially children?

How bad chemicals are for drain opening is not clear to many people! They put their trust in a bottle of chemicals and pour it into a clogged drain to get rid of the clogging stuff in a few minutes. Chemicals do wonders in a short time, they think. Unfortunately, they are wrong! Another reason, which is vital for many, is the affordability of draining and cleaning products. They cost you a fraction of other drain opening options, and you go for it when a clogged drain becomes a shocking nightmare at home. But chemicals are unsafe for the drains, so don't fall for their low prices.

How chemicals damage drain pipes

Chemicals can damage pipes. When you pour the bottle of chemicals into a clogged drain, it is not the clogging dirt that comes under direct contact with the chemical. Before we delve into how chemicals react with the dirt, let us see what happens to the pipes from inside that we completely ignore when we pick a bottle of chemicals. The chemical covers the interior surface of the lines as well.

Pipes are made of different materials. Some are made of plastic, like PVC pipes. The plastic swells when the chemical heats up inside the drain, and its tensile strength reduces. The pipe becomes weak, and a little more pressure or another chemical bottle can ultimately damage the pipe. Some pipes are made of metal, and chemicals are neither friendly with metal. They corrode the metal, and soon pipes start leaking, creating another long series of plumbing problems in your home. While you try to get rid of one problem cost-effectively, which is a clogged drain, you enter another more complicated and budget-ruining problem. So, think twice before you grab a bottle of chemicals for your bathroom.

What is better than chemicals for cleaning bathrooms

The first tip for cleaning your bathroom tiles, shower, and bathtub is to clean them with a simple washing liquid or powder that you usually use for washing anything. Do the cleaning more frequently, so the dirt does not become stubborn and form layers. Once it forms layers, you need ten times more effort to clean it. It is natural to get panicked to see layers of dirt not getting cleaned easily. And once you panic, grabbing a bottle of chemicals seems the most practical decision.

The second tip is to go green for cleaning your bathroom and kitchen. You can use a mix of lemon juice, soda, hot water, dishwashing liquid, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance. Save them in a large spray bottle and use it for spraying on dirty surfaces and rubbing them clean. If you follow the first frequent cleaning tip, the second tip will be an excellent cleaning solution. Try it once, and the comfort of using something that does not fume into your eyes and nose would make you feel great.

How to clean a clogged drain

You must be struggling now with a tricky question in your mind about clogged drains that do not seem to open by any means. Do not worry about unclogging so as not to start thinking of draining opening chemicals. Toronto Drain Services whenever you hear gurgling sounds from your toilet or see your drain backup. If you are reluctant about calling a plumbing company because it is costly, remember that your drain network is essential for your home. Cheap solutions like drain opening chemicals will ruin the drain pipes, and you will face a more costly problem of replacing the damaged pipes next time.

Calling Toronto Drain Services company is the safest and most efficient solution for your drain network. First, professional companies do not use chemicals to unclog your drain lines. They use a drain camera to find out the location of the clog. Once they know where the clog is, they efficiently remove it. Secondly, they use a drain snake, which is a logical way to open any clogged line. It does not damage the pipes and ensures removing the clogging dirt entirely. Thirdly, they use hydro pressure to force the dirt to leave the drain lines. This method is also safe for the pipes and efficiently cleans the drain lines in the long term.

Calling professional drain company is safe for you and the environment. They clean the lines responsibly and do not cause damage to the pipes. You find a reputable company with good positive reviews and call them. All of them have emergency drain services. So, call Toronto Drain Services if you face a drain clog in an emergency on the weekend or late at night. They are always ready to serve you in the best way possible!