Tips for Homeowners

Learn the ways to unclog the drains and how professionals can help

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Drain clogging of grease, food, and soap usually occurs in the kitchen drain pipes; There are chemical solutions for drain unclogging you could find on the shelves of almost any hardware store. Would that work or make more damage?
Have you noticed a strange smell from your kitchen or bathroom, heard weird noises like gurgling from your shower, kitchen, or sink faucet or the water flow slower? Yes, then your drain is clogged and it needs help to unclog the drains. A clogged drain turns into a serious problem if left unnoticed for a long time. Homeowners, usually overlook drain clogs and these drains further cause hygiene problems, spoiling the environment of the house and causing damage to the property and drain pipe.

Ways and equipment to unclog the drain

Clogged drains are a real headache, and you require professional help to unclog the drains. If you are tired of the smell of clogged drains, weird noises, and slow water flow, then you need to seek professional draining services. Our company has the best plumbers and technicians to solve your problem within a few minutes and at low costs. Our companies provide experienced, trustable, and valuable plumbers and customer service.

Manual drain snake:

A manual drain snake is a long cable with a lever and the end looks like a screw. Snaking your drains requires skillful hands. Although, for short diameters snaking is possible by unprofessional homeowners. However, proper practice is necessary before snaking and unclogging the drain. A manual drain snake is a hand-operated snake. The plumber with the help of a lever on the drain snake will push the snake downwards until it reaches the clog. The plumber will actively move the drain until the clog is removed. Manual drain snaking is essential for small and temporary clogs.

Motorized drain snake:

The process of motorized draining snaking is similar to manual drain snaking. A motorized drain snake is essential for the clogs difficult to remove. Motorized drain snakes are wired, and the operation is similar to manual snaking. The only difference is that instead of a crank the plumber pushes a button and the snake starts its movement. The drain snake automatically removes stubborn and irremovable clogs.

Drain Auger:

Drain augers operate on the same principles as that drain snakes. However, drain augers are for long pipes instead of small ones. The drain augers are for lines like shower or toilet drains.

The drain auger also has two designs. It comes in manual and motorized versions.

Pipe inspection:

Drain techs commonly perform a pipe inspection to know the exact location of drain clog. With the help of drain locater, the specialist is aware of any possible leaks in the sewer line and what is causing the blockage in the sewer line. Homeowners should call a local drain cleaning company for regular pipe inspection at least twice a year. Frequent pipe inspection saves you from any future potential damages and expensive repairs.

Drain camera:

Our drain crews have premium-quality sewer line cameras and drain tools. The drain technician uses a CCTV drain camera. The camera is attached to the front of the wire and connected with a cable. The drain tech inserts the camera within the drain pipe and manually moves the camera inside the drain.

They locate the clog and the cause of the clog with the help of the camera and locater. After this step, they analyze the clog and use appropriate tools to unclog the drains - cutting tools for the tree roots blockage, hydro-power flusher for calcium buildups, and grease blockages.


Hydro jetting involves the breakage of clogs by sending water with high pressure. A hydro jet is a versatile, effective, and long-lasting method to unclog the drains and prevent future clogs. The highly pressurized water breaks the accumulation of grease, oil, and fats. This method keeps the drains unclogged for a long time and is environment-friendly and cost-effective.

Traditional methods for drain unclogging:

There is a myriad of traditional methods designed to unclog the drains. However, the effect of traditional methods only lasts for a temporary time and the impact of professional tools and methods is long-lasting. Traditional methods might be effective but recurrent use of chemicals might cause corrosion and rust in the pipes, melting or damage to PVC pipes. The use of traditional chemical reactions has been in history for a long time. The following mixtures are recommended to pour down on the drains and instantly remove the clog.

· Baking soda mixed with salt, salt with vinegar, and salt mixed with hot water. However, be very careful while preferring traditional chemical reactions. You need to locate the drain and know the nature of the pipe material.

· The second method to unclog the drains is pouring boiling water down the drain. Usually, homeowners pour down boiling water in the shower, toilet, and kitchen drain. Boiling water is especially effective in kitchen drains. Kitchen drains are a usual spot for grease accumulation. The hot water usually removes the accumulating grease, oils, and fats. Boiling water in drains is effective when the clogs are small-scale and easy to remove.

· The third and most common method is to remove clogs by plunging. Plunging is effective for a brief time. It is the most widely used method to remove clogs but do not aggressively plunge the log. If a plunger is not working, the clog might be colossal, and you might need to call for professional plumbing help.

Why hire professionals, and how they will help?

A professional drain cleaning service is the best option for unclogging drains. Blocked drains are detrimental to hygiene, and consequently expensive repair. Homeowners tend to ignore issues like clogged drains, but if left unnoticed can damage the property in the future. If you are tired of gurgling noise, unpleasant smell, and slow water drain, seek professional help. Experienced plumbers have the excess tools and necessary knowledge of the equipment that homeowners do not have. Equipment like hydro jets, motorized snake drains, or automated drain augers is tricky to work with.

Moreover, our technicians are experienced and professional with their work. Repairing is a one-time investment, and it is convenient to seek out workers with a quality experience and proper tools. Make sure to contact us for drain unclogging services and for more details.