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Why should you check your sewer line with a drain camera if you're facing drain overflows in your basement?

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Before we can start, let us tell you what drain cameras are! They are mostly known as drain inspection cameras. It allows you to know about the pipes and drains without physical inspection. It can help determine the reason for the blocked drain before breaking down things and getting to the problem. A miniature-sized camera is inserted inside the drain, which shows everything on the screen.

The following are some reasons why you should check your sewer line with a drain camera if you face overflows in your basement:

To ensure any extra damage isn't done:

The drains in your home are not evident. When the house is being constructed, the drains and pipes are all hidden under concrete floor so that your home looks neat. Although it keeps the home neat, it has a few disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is that when a drainage issue surfaces, it becomes difficult to check the leak or the area that is causing a blocked drain pipe. In the earlier days, before the invention of sewer line cameras, workers would have to break through the floor and create a lot of mess to get to the drain pipes. However, with the invention of sewer line cameras, life has become easy. A camera is inserted inside the drains, and the problematic area is found. After that, only the area with the issue is fixed.

Mostly when drain companies are hired to check for the problem, they can charge extra for repairs that didn't need to be done. They might tell you about a leak in the pipe even if there is no such thing. If that is the case, you might end up paying unnecessarily for drain repairs. Our professional drain technicians provide reliable quality service with legal receipts to backup all of the services we do.

It saves cost:

Using a sewer line camera can save you a lot of money. All the smaller drains of your home connect to one major drain, the one in your basement. If you would have to detect the fault in the basement drain, it would require a lot of concrete shattering and floor destruction to first find the fault. However, with the help of a sewer drain camera and drain locator, it's easier to find the exact area where the drain is clogged. It saves you a ton of money for not paying much for construction damage.

Pinpoints the exact location of the fault:

Sewer line cameras are extremely efficient in finding exactly where drain blockage is and what the fault is. Sometimes, there can be several reasons why your basement drain is overflowing and multiple methods can be used to fix them. But the problem arises as to what the problem is. There might be a foreign object stuck in the main drain that's causing the overflow. Maybe it's just hygiene products accumulated that have blocked the drain. Additionally, the basement drains pipe in your home is further connected to other main pipes leading to the city's main drainage. The problem may also lie in those pipes. As a result, the sewer line camera can detect the issue with ease and relevant steps can be taken to fix the issue.

They can help in telling us about the exact location of the fault. There are sensors installed inside the mini cameras that can tell us about the location of the camera. Whenever a slight blockage is detected, the area is marked.

Helps in detecting multiple problems:

The sewer line cameras can help in finding out more than one problem that can lead to drain line clogged up. The sewer pipe system isn't just one straight line that leads to the main city line, it may include multiple connections and curves which lead the waste to the correct destination. Sometimes, due to connections and curves, there can be more than a single clog in your basement drain. The cameras can help in detecting all the blockages. These sewer line cameras are made in such a way, that they can move through the pipe and show a clear picture of the sewer blockage. Sometimes, even after a drain blockage issue is fixed, customers still face drain overflows in the basement. That is because there is more than one problem and only the first issue is addressed by a drain technician.

It's much safer for workers:

Using the sewer line cameras has added to the safety of the workers. In the sewer line, there is a deadly gas called methane. Dangerous for a human being. Apart from this, the gas is also flammable and can lead to an explosion. Hence, it is considered a health risk. As a result, if a drainage issue is complex, workers might have to spend more time than usual to reach the root of the problem. It can leave them exposed to dangerous gases. By using a sewer line camera, the problem can be detected easily and so the workers don't have to spend time looking for the problem.

Benefits of using a sewer line Camera:

Accurate Diagnostics: it can accurately detect a clogged or misplaced pipe.

Prevents unnecessary damage: Accurately finding the problem can prevent unnecessary damage.

Quick repair: It can quickly detect the issue. Using standard detection techniques can take up to a whole to find out the issue. However, when using sewer line cameras, usually it takes less than an hour for a complete drain diagnostic.