Catch Basin

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Catch Basin is a specially designed structure to capture excessive rainwater, spring thaws and direct it to the weeping tile or drainage system away from the building foundation.
Catch Basin could be found in residential, commercial, and public places. Square metal grades to work effectively it should be cleaned off leaves, debris, trash, snow, and ice.
To maintain catch basin clean, we recommend clean grills from accumulations on top, like that it won't get junked inside of the basin, and it would need less frequent professional maintenance cleaning.
Catch basins in the city connect to the complicated underground waterways system; many avoid getting into the treatment plant and go to the local body of water. And Authority asks people not to drain waists, chemicals, pollutants as it would impact the quality of water in nearby ponds and rivers.
The city of Toronto encourages residents to help the city to maintain catch basins near their driveways clean of debris to prevent excessive clogging and poor drainage. It would benefit you and the whole neighborhood.
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Catch Basin in the City of Toronto
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Catch Basin on residential driveway, the City of Toronto
Residential catch basins are more simple structures, and it redirects rainwater, snow melts away from the house and filtrates excessive water from debris, which helps to maintain the drainage system clean and clog-free.
We also advise residents to check their catch basin for accumulations at springtime after thaws, before winter. Thus you could predict when is next cleaning might be necessary and be prepared before water comes.
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