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What is Drain Backup, Causes, and Solutions

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Downtown Toronto sewer main line is an infrastructure that was built 100 years ago, those capabilities are exceed many times as city has drastically expanded with condominiums taking over the city and moving residential single home dwellings further away from Toronto.
Living in a home is a beautiful experience of urban living. It is different from residing in an apartment, and in many ways, it gives a more authentic living joy. However, you need to regularly take care of a few things to reap the sweet fruit of home living. One of those things is taking care of drain cleaning. Drain blockage causes ewer backups is one serious problem in your basement and can be a nightmare for you.

What is Drain Backup?

Drain backup happens when the drain cannot function smoothly, and the water does not move outwards. The water either stop ultimately moving out or flows very slowly due to the presence of gunk, dirt, and non-flushable objects blocking the drain. Basement drain blockage is worse because once the drain line gets clogged, the basement becomes flooded – a very unpleasant situation that can haunt you for the rest of your life once it happens.

Drain Blockage Causes

Finding the best solution for a problem requires finding its reasons before anything else. Once you know the causes, you can find ways to solve them. For example, here are the most common causes of drain blockage:

Ageing sewage systems with multiple connections cause poor drainage of sewer water.

Tree roots spreading underground in search of water pierce the drain lines and enter inside. These grow larger quickly, forming a nest-like net that hampers water flow in the drain lines.

A large amount of sewage dirt and gunk may block the city sanitary main. If this blockage is left unattended for a bit of time, sewer water from the main can enter the basements of homes and businesses.

Washing detergents, chemicals, and soap foam together with fallen hair and toilet papers block the drain line. If anything else like sanitary napkins or baby pampers is also flushed in the toiled, the blockage happens faster and in a more severe form.

How to Detect Drain Blockage before a Disaster Hits

One of the early signs of possible dirt accumulating in a drain is a sewer smell exuding from the floor drain opening. If you notice an unpleasant odor in the basement or the ground floor drain points, call a drain cleaning company in Toronto for checking the problem.

Another way to detect a problem in the drain lines is to observe the speed of water flowing out. Water flowing out very slowly is another alarming sign. Do not solve the problem of slow drain water flow by pouring chemicals into the drain as it weakens the drain lines and shortens their lifetime.

Solutions of Drain Problem

Drain snaking is an effective and harmless solution for sewer cleaning. For example, if you call drain cleaning company Toronto after sensing a problem in the drain lines and the certified plumbers find sewer smell cause is gunk and dirt, they will apply drain snaking. In some cases, hydro-jetting also proves to be a convenient and safe sewer cleaning method.

Always stay connected to a licensed and certified drain cleaning company in Toronto to keep your drain function efficient and your home clean.