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How to Snake Main Drain Without a Cleanout

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Tree root blockage in the sewer line is a serious concern for many homeowners, there are ways to remove the blockage permanently, but would they grow into the pipe again?
Do you know what is sewage water backflow? This is when the used water in the sewer drain lines flows backward. It happens mostly in basements. Backflow of water is a serious issue. Once it happens, you need Toronto Drain Services for cleaning the sewer lines and opening the pathway of the water. Cleaning the drain lines is a complicated process and needs professional drain technicians with modern tools to work on bringing back the function of sewer pipes. A drain cleanout installation in your sewer lines makes the process of cleaning hassle-free. Plumbers access the sewer line from the cleanout. They insert the drain snake easily from the cleanout and complete the work with lesser effort in lesser time.

How to Snake Main Drain Without a Cleanout

Many homes do not have drain cleanout installation. The long sewer lines depend on manual cleaning if they get clogged. Often simple methods are applied to unclog the drain like the water jet or drain-cleaning chemicals which do not always help. When the clog is because of tree root intrusion, chemicals and water jet does not do any good to unclog the sewer lines. Tree root drain clog is a common problem in places where there are trees close to the drain line.

However, the main drain line clogs because of excessive gunk and dirt inside the sewer lines. Once they form a big structure, they block the water from flowing out of the home drain lines. Experienced Toronto Drain Services snake the main drain and unclog the lines. They use modern equipment to ensure a 100 percent unclogging of the drain lines. With their experience and skills, they know how to snake main drain without a cleanout but it will take a little more time and effort compared to unclogging a drain line with a drain cleanout.

Tree Root Drain Cleaning Procedure

Drain lines passing under the ground where there are trees suffer from tree root intrusion sometimes. Tree roots clog the drain and water cannot flow out. Tree roots do not budge whether you pour hot water or use chemicals. They need a proper solution. So, call Toronto Drain Services for tree root removal. Tree root drain clog is not a simple clog. It can do serious destruction to the drain pipes. Once tree root intrusion happens, the drain line needs repair. The water flow does not get back to its normal routine without professional repairing of the drain lines. Therefore you must call licensed and experienced plumbers only.

What is Tree Root Removal

If your drain lines have tree root blockage you need to take immediate action. You cannot do tree root drain cleaning after the drains have become heavily clogged with tree roots. Plumbing companies have the necessary tools for accessing the clog and cleaning it. They operate at the clogged spot and open the drain lines. After that, either hydro-jetting cleans the lines or they use robotic cutting equipment to clean the roots. However, this solution though efficient is not a permanent option. If you like a permanent solution, ask the drain service guys to share with you the process and cost of replacement of the drain lines after the tree root removal.