Drain Blockage | Drain Clog | Drain Cleanout

Why Do You Need a Cleanout and Drain Repair?

Managing a proper drain network at home is essential for clean living. Drains often get blocked. Sometimes because of excessive use. Other times some objects fall in the drain and they block the drain. Drain cleaning is always an essential part of home service. Even if the drain pipes do not clog, you can keep them clean with regular drain cleaning products. Just flush ample water after pouring the cleaning agent, and you will have hassle-free cleaning of the drain. But practically, it is not always as easy as it may seem here. Sometimes a drain clogs while you had been keeping it clean throughout the past. In this case, you can call Toronto drain services for a quick draining repair.

Why Do You Need a Cleanout?

What if the drain clogs and you do not find the exact point of blockage in the long drain lines? You call Toronto drain services and they offer you a great solution. Install a drain cleanout! After the cleanout installation at a 90-degree turn in drain pipes, cleaning drains is hassle-free. The cleanout has a cap almost 2 inches above the ground and the cleaning service is carried in the drains after opening the cap. If you do not have any cleanout installation in your drain lines, you will face trouble in drain cleaning. The pipes may crack or suffer from damage if you use unconventional tools for cleaning. So, you will need drain repair above the drain cleaning.

Often homeowners ask why do you need a cleanout? It is essential for a home drain network. Drains clogging is an accidental incident that may happen at any time. With a drain cleanout installation, the whole process of cleaning is hassle-free. You can apply the drain snaking technique also through a cleanout.

Cleanout Installation Saves You from a Lot of Hassle

If you are living in old construction, your drains may not have a cleanout installation. If this is true, you have two options. One is to leave the matter until you face a drain clog and then you call Toronto drain services, though this is not a wise option. The second option is to act in advance and call Toronto drain services. They will inspect your home drain network and find all strategically important 90 degree turns in the drain for a cleanout installation. In this way, you will have no problems in cleaning the clogged drains ever again.

Drain Repair of Damaged Pipes

Clogged drains pose danger for the pipes. When the pressure rises, the pipes get damaged. This can double the problem for you. You need to perform drain cleaning first and then drain repair. Kitchen drains are more vulnerable to clogging because of the buildup of soap fumes and food fat. The fat in the drain freezes in winter making a big block joined with the scum already present in the drain pipes.

Removing this block of fat needs drain cleaning services. The whole process may be costly and hectic. So, the best option is to repair drains and keep them always clean and in tip-top shape to avoid a nasty blockage.