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How to Solve Sewage Backup in Basement

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Your basement is a col and peaceful place. In summer, it is the best part of your home to spend your time doing different activities. But all changes when your basement becomes the disaster spot at home. You wake up one morning and find a sewage basement flood covering the whole place. You understand that a clogged drain is a key factor behind this flood. Call an emergency plumber from Toronto Drain Services immediately.

Why Does Sewage Basement Flood Happen?

A sewage basement flood is an annoying situation. It does not happen because the basement floor drain is clogged. The actual clog is in the main drain line. The basement drain is connected to the main drain and a clog there stops the outflow of water from your basement drain line. Almost 99 percent of a basement clogged drain is because of the main sewer line clog. So, your first focus should be on the main drain line when you experience a sewage basement flood. The emergency plumber also would first check the main drain line and do what he needs to do.

The main drain gets clogged because trash gets stuck in the line and stops the water flow. It can be remains of undissolved toilet paper, gunk, fallen pet hair or human hair, tree roots from the trees growing near the drain line, and broken or deteriorated pipes. Toronto Drain Services use modern tools and machines to remove the obstacles and solve the issues that cause the main drain line to clog. Hence, your basement drain becomes functional again.

Basement Drain Backup Solutions

Sewage backup in the basement is an annoying situation that affects your home life badly. The reason is one of the above-mentioned factors. You need experienced plumbers to service the basement drain backup and provide effective and long-lasting solutions. The clogged drain will clog again if the obstacle is not fully removed or the broken pipes are not repaired or replaced properly.

You call a reliable emergency plumber, and he will examine the drain line with the help of a drain camera. The best solution for removing gunk and remains of trash in the pipe is hydro-jetting. The pressure of water washes away everything that clogs the drain line. But, if the clog is because of tree roots, the plumber will inspect the drain line with high-quality CCTV equipment. He removes the tree roots and checks the level of damage to the pipes. Often, they reline the pipes to prevent future intrusion of tree roots inside the drain lines.

Tips to Avoid Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is a serious problem and can claim too much of your precious time even if you call an emergency plumber. So, the best and easiest method is to take some precautious steps to avoid a clogged drain.
First of all, use an adequate amount of tissue paper in the toilet because even toilet paper may not break down in the water in large amounts. Never flush down a paper towel, wet wipes, or other hygiene products down the drain.
Secondly, clean pet hair or human hair from the net over the drain in your bathroom.
Thirdly, always properly flush the toilet after using. Fourthly, pour 2 liters of hot boiling water in your kitchen sink drain to clean fat and soap gunk. With these little care tips, you will enjoy trouble-free plumbing in your home and especially, the basement.