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Drain Tree Root Intrusion Solutions

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Tree roots grow long and strong and often in search of water and nutrients break into the sewer line.
Trees are a blessing. They give us shade, purify the air, and become the home of hundreds of creatures essential for our ecosystem. However, trees require that you keep an eye on what might happen to your home because of their expanding branches or roots. Trees growing close to your home or yard can cause tree root intrusion, a well-known cause of drain blockage. Once roots grow in size and amount inside the drain, water doesn't flow, and an automatic result is drain blockage.

Tree Root Intrusion Prevention

Let us briefly discuss preventing tree root intrusion because prevention is safe and more affordable than treatment. Some trees are more likely to grow roots more profound and more extended. Growing such trees in your yard can damage the drain lines underground. These trees include sycamore, willow, aspen, elm, oak, birch, and maple. However, if you love their beauty and want to grow them, check in your local market tree root barriers.

Trees with shorter roots and considered safe for drain lines are juniper, myrtle, palmetto, dogwood, magnolia, hornbeam, fan palms, and most fruit trees. So, the good news for tree lovers is that growing fruit trees does not cause tree root blockage.

Another reliable way to avoid tree root intrusion is to choose high-resistant PVC pipes. They resist tree roots intrusion because they have fewer joints, and a few joints that are there, they are tightly fixed. Moreover, they are highly flexible. Hence, they do not leak because of the settlement of the backfill around it. Since there is no leak, roots searching for water do not find a way.

What to Do When Tree Roots Cause Backup

Unfortunately, tree root intrusion is silence. You experience sewer backup but never know that the cause is tree roots. You hear gurgling when more water runs down the toilet and see the water slowly moving down the drain. A foul smell often rises from the drain and fills the restroom, which is very unpleasant. Additionally, sewer backup is another problem you face when it rains, or you use water excessively. So, how to find out that these are tree roots causing backup?

To find out the real cause of sewer backup, call a professional plumbing company in your area. While living in Mississauga, you will find some licensed companies that offer quality services. Toronto Drain Services is one of them and has been serving the customers in the city for a long time. You can call the company without hesitation, and the experienced plumbers will be at your premises soon to inspect the drain lines.

Finding Out the Cause of Sewer Backup

When you call a company and send their professional team for drain inspection, expect a complete evaluation of your drain lines. They check if the wastewater exits your home smoothly to the central sewage system. While they inspect the drain lines, they find out everything about the pipes, such as cracks, residue buildup, major clogs like tree root intrusion, and food waste.

The drain camera inspection helps the plumbing team to find out the overall health and performance of the drain pipes network. Also, drain camera inspection helps detect the location of a crack or leak or recognize the object blocking the drain line in case of drain blockage.

Digital Camera Pipe Inspection

Many people find it acceptable to call an individual plumber when they need a drain spot repair. Well, individual contractors may be or may not be helpful. Some complicated issues with drain lines are out of control for individual plumbers because they do not have the sophisticated apparatus that a company has.

If you need drain spot repair, look for a digital camera pipe inspection. This is the latest method that can help you in many ways. Firstly, it saves time in finding out the fault. Secondly, it assists you in being accurate about the location and drains problem. Thirdly, it saves you the cost. So, you can suffice drain spot repair once with assurance about the issue and enjoy peace of mind for a long time.

When Do You Need Drain Line Excavation?

Drain line excavation is ideal for drains suffering from damage beyond repair. The reason can be age, soil pressure, tree roots, or when the drain line cracks and cause leak and blockage. Hence, plumbing contractors advise you of drain line excavation. However, before choosing drain line excavation, they perform a digital camera pipe inspection and study all the options of repairing the existing pipes. If no method seems to be a permanent solution because of the deteriorated conditions of the pipes, they opt for replacing the drain line with a strong new one.

Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Sewer pipe cleaning is the need of time for every urban settler. The drain lines are the busiest part of a home; they perform day and night to keep home life comfortable and free of unpleasant events. So, consider calling a good plumbing company like Toronto Drain Services every 2-years for a drain camera inspection.

You may be wondering why I should call plumbers when there is no problem in my sewage system? The answer is that you do not see what is happening inside the drain lines as the buildup develops silently. The sewage water may flow fine without any sign of sewer backup, but the blockage must have started. One day, the line will eventually give up in the face of residues, gunk, or maybe tree roots. So, will you be more satisfied with acting in an emergency? Maybe on a Christmas night or your birthday?

Call Toronto Drain Services today before a drain emergency takes place at home. Sewer pipe cleaning is much easier and fast when you act wisely and call a team for drain camera inspection for any possible future drain blockage or tree root intrusion. This is what all intelligent urbanites do!