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Four Signs That Indicate Your Drain Needs Professional Cleaning

Drain blockages of grease and food leftovers usually occur in the kitchen drain pipes; hair and muck in the shower or bathtub drains. Most problematic part of the drain is usually U or P-traps of the drain pipes.
On an average, close to hundred gallons of water is used every day by one person in the U.S. Add to this the amount of food waste, pet hair, dust, and other debris that gets washed down the pipes daily and your drains are at high risk of damage of some kind. While newly-built houses may have perfectly-functioning drains, older homes are much more vulnerable to blockages, cracks, or a build-up of mold.

Frequent cleaning and maintenance of drains is the ideal way to avoid clogs, mold, and bacterial growth. While experts recommend professional cleaning at least once a year, there are times when you cannot wait that long before calling a plumber. Here are four signs that require immediate attention of your plumber.

Four signs that need the immediate attention of your plumber.

1. Standing Water: If you have been noticing that water collects instead of draining out after a shower or the kitchen sink has standing water after washing dishes, it is a sure sign of clogged drains. A sluggish drainage system or standing water in the washing machine, kitchen sink, or shower needs immediate attention of a professional plumber.

2. Bad Odor: Drains should neither be seen nor smelt! If you smell the sewer every time you enter the bathroom, kitchen or your backyard, there is something wrong with the way your drains are functioning. This could be a sign of sewage backup in portions of the drain pipes. The bad smell comes from a mixture of odorous gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and methane. There are several reasons behind unpleasant odor from drains that include blocked vents, a damaged drain line or trap, debris and bacteria, mold, or mildew. These issues require the services of a good plumber who can check for drain line cracks and fix vents and traps and replace them as necessary. The plumber also checks for leaks that may be causing bacteria or mold build-up that encourages bad odor and carry out the necessary cleaning to ensure the root cause of the odor is removed.

3. Fruit Flies: At times, a drainage problem is not obvious. If you regularly clean your countertops and floor and yet see fruit flies in your home, it could mean food waste is building up within the drain. Professional drain cleaning is the best way to address the problem and get rid of the annoying flies.

4. Odd Noises: If the plumbing system in your home is sending out strange noises such as sloshing, gurgling, or bubbling, it could be time to call a competent plumber.